Synopsis & Film Details

Winner of the Audience Award for Independent World Cinema at the Mill Valley Film Festival, the domestic drama “Sir” marks the fiction feature debut for Indian filmmaker Rohena Gera. Also a favorite at Cannes, the film tells the story of two contrasting worlds that coexist in a single apartment in Mumbai. We see the forbidden attraction between Ratna, a young widowed maid, and her employer Ashwin, a wealthy Mumbai bachelor reeling from the breakdown of his engagement. Formerly an aspiring novelist living in New York, Ashwin returns home when his brother falls ill, and he now works for the family real estate business. Ratna has aspirations beyond a life of invisible servitude; she wants to start her own business as a tailor and is also working to pay for her younger sister’s education. Westernized in thought and attitude, Ashwin treats Ratna like a friend rather than a maid. When the barriers between them become increasingly porous, the unwritten rules of their society’s social classes are thrown into question. In Hindi, English, and Marathi, with English subtitles.
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Director: Rohena Gera
India/France • 99 minutes • Not Rated
Distributor: MK2 Films

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