How to Volunteer

Fresno Filmworks believes in the power of community volunteering. Each member of our Board of Directors serves the organization 100% each and every month as a volunteer, giving considerable time, energy, expertise, and even financial support that drives us in our mission to be your local source of independent film. We also rely on a small army of committed volunteers who join us both at the theater and out on the streets.

Venue volunteers help us make the moviegoing experience fun and personal by serving our audience on screening nights. A typical venue volunteer shift is 1 hour, and it can include taking tickets, working the concessions or bar, or other duties as assigned. In exchange for a venue volunteer shift, you get 1 complimentary movie ticket and you also get to stay for that night’s film if you’d like, after your shift is done. To help, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Susana Sosa.

Street team volunteers help us get out the word about our film screenings to the larger community. A typical street team volunteer shift is 2 hours, and it consists of delivering handbills and sometimes posters to specific locations along an established route, checking in with our community partners as you go. In exchange for a street team volunteer shift, you get 2 complimentary movie tickets. To help, please contact our communication director, Sirley Carballo.

Marketing interns produce content for our website, social media, and development messages. Interns contribute 10 hours per week, for 15 weeks. This includes developing, pitching, writing, and producing stories and coverage on all platforms, supporting our communication efforts with media outlets, and assisting with duties at the theater as assigned. Academic credit is available through Fresno State and Fresno City College, and the internship includes a 4-month membership to CMAC and a modest scholarship. To apply, please contact our president, Jefferson Beavers.

Meet our featured volunteers:
December 2018: Rachael Stubbert • October 2018: Donna Mott • May 2018: Joy Quigley • February 2018: Roque Rodriguez

December 2017: Jol Devitro • October 2017: Gloria Burrola and John Dunning • May 2017: Stan Morita • March 2017: Carlos E. Rincón • February 2017: Richard Markley • January 2017: Carl Noble, Stacy Houchard and Lucius Noble

December 2016: Cassandra Ruby • October 2016: Steve Ohanesian • August 2016: Raman Grewal • April 2016: Hazel Antaramian-Hofman • March 2016: Ann and Conde McGowan • February 2016: Andy Julian • January 2016: Suzanne Watkins

December 2015: Satch Gonzales • November 2015: Sasha Khokha • October 2015: Yvette Mancilla • September 2015: Justin Secor • August 2015: Sky Sweet • July 2015: Isabel Mejorado • June 2015: Richard Flores • May 2015: Megan Ginise • April 2015: Kristin Torres • March 2015: Karen Hammer • February 2015: Andrew Veihmeyer • January 2015: Dominic Bedrossian

December 2014: Kristy Page • November 2014: Olga Verkhotina • October 2014: Rita Bell • September 2014: Colby Tibbet • August 2014: Monica Marks-Rea • July 2014: Julie Linwixler • June 2014: Lorna Bonyhadi • May 2014: Celeste DeMonte and Neal Howard • April 2014: Andrew Ranta • March 2014: Lorraine Tomerlin • February 2014: Antonio Garcia • January 2014: Fae Giffen

December 2013: Cleo Bauer and Dominic Papagni • November 2013: Kathryn and Carl Johnsen • October 2013: Linda Hernandez • September 2013: Susan Rogers • August 2013: Joan and Brijesh Sharma • July 2013: Jon Veinberg • June 2013: Richard Stone • May 2013: Sarah Nixon • April 2013: Alyssa Rendon • March 2013: Nené Casares

Meet our featured interns:
Fall 2018: Rachael Stubbert • Fall 2016: Cassandra Ruby • Spring 2016 and Spring 2015: Megan Ginise • Fall 2015: Yvette Mancilla • Summer 2014: Rebecca Horwitz • Spring 2014: Analise Villalobos • Fall 2013: Colby Tibbet • Summer 2013: Andrew Veihmeyer • Spring 2013: Olga Verkhotina

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