2014 Shorts Program #2

Synopsis & Film Details

Fresno Film Festival Short Film Competition
With filmmaker appearances and post-screening Discussion Circle

The Hero Pose
Director: Mischa Jakupcak • USA • 12 minutes

In the comedic drama “The Hero Pose,” 8-year-old Mia wants to do anything but hang out at her dad’s house trying to sell a car that doesn’t run. But her dad, Joe, has more real concerns that he’s grappling with.

Park 51
Director: Christopher Capelluto • USA • 22 minutes

Against the backdrop of the 2010 protests against the controversial Ground Zero mosque proposal in New York City, the drama “Park 51” tells the story of a struggling Iraq War veteran who saves the life of a Muslim man from a hate crime.

Director: David Dibble • USA • 10 minutes

In the romantic comedy “Adonis,” a young man named Kip uses a dating service that employs an irresistibly cute dog named Adonis. Used as a chick magnet to get guys dates, Adonis must reach deep into his bag of tricks to help his client, Kip.

Finding Me
Director: Richard Card • USA/Turkey • 18 minutes

The drama “Finding Me” tells the story of Katie, a young American woman who decides to travel to a foreign land in search of her identity.

Ghosts on the Mountain
Directors: Jared Jakins and Carly Jakins • USA • 26 minutes

The documentary “Ghosts on the Mountain” examines the lifestyles of predominantly Latino H-2A agricultural guest workers in the American West. Facing the solitude and loneliness of the occupation, the men leave family and native lands to face language barriers and remote lands. In Spanish, with English subtitles.

Green Acres
Director: James Beck • USA • 6 minutes

In the animated adventure “Green Acres,” a parched tortoise wanders through a vast desert desperately in search of water. He comes across an oasis only to find that trespassers are unwelcome. Somehow, he must slip past the wall of defenses to quench his thirst.

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