Volunteer Spotlight: Isabel Mejorado

Isabel Mejorado is a local foodie, tango dancer, and film buff.
Isabel Mejorado is a local foodie, tango dancer, and film buff.
July 2015 Volunteer in the Spotlight: Isabel Mejorado

How long have you lived in Fresno?
I’ve lived in Fresno County my whole life.  I was born in Kingsburg and then I moved to Reedley and was raised there.  But I’ve been living in Fresno for quite a while.  I used to work at the financial aid office at Fresno Stateand while I was there I got my master’s in counseling.  Actually I received my AA, BS, and MS from Fresno State. I worked at Fresno State for about 30 years. So after that I was able to retire and go into counseling myself. Then in 2011, I was able to open my own private practice. So I’m a marriage and family therapist and I have little practice and that all keeps my pretty busy.  I also have two grown children and two grandchildren.

How did you become involved with Filmworks?
I have always liked films and I like foreign film and independent films. Fresno Filmworks is the only place in town to go to for those kinds of films. If foreign and independent films happen to come to the multiplex they stay for a night or two, maybe a week, and then that’s it. The Filmworks board is always bringing interesting movies to Fresno and they’re really the only group doing that.  I appreciate being able to see these types of movies so I try to go as often as possible.

How long have you been a volunteer?
I’ve been a volunteer for a few years, but I’ve been going to the films for as long as I can remember.

Do any films stand out in your memory?
There’s been so many. I started going to movies at the Tower Theatre before it was Filmworks showing the films. One that I always remembered was A Room with a View, but I’m not sure if that was a Filmworks film.  Filmworks has brought so many good ones that it’s hard to pick a favorite.  I’ve really enjoyed all of them.

Why would you recommend coming to Filmworks?
The experience of watching a foreign film is different than an American film.  It really slows you down and I like the way they develop the characters.  It’s more thoughtful sometime, more reflective. Foreign films are more human stories than entertainments, which is what I like.

What are some of your favorite volunteer duties?
I started taking tickets at the door and really enjoyed that, but then I moved to the popcorn table.  There’s usually three of us there and I get to hang out with the other volunteers.  I like talking to the people that are in involved in Filmworks or who come to see the show. You might meet a new volunteer or someone there to see the show.  Last month I got to talk to Nene Casares for a long time about all of her traveling and the different things she is involved with. You meet such interesting people at Filmworks, it’s one of my favorite things about going to see the movies.

What other hobbies do you have?
I started learning how to tango a few years ago.  Then I went to Argentina about three years ago and realized I really don’t know how to tango.  But that’s ok, I’m taking lessons.  Even at my age I really enjoy that, taking dance class. I’ve always enjoyed dance.  I also like yoga, although I don’t get to class as much as I would like.  I try to go once a week.  I also try to go walking in the evenings as often as I can. Hiking is another thing I enjoy.  I have a couple of hiking partners and we’re always looking for new trails. We’re hoping to go to Yosemite or higher, where it’s a little cooler.  I also love trying new restaurants.  I love finding a new place to go out to dinner with friends.

Any good restaurant recommendations?
There’s one that I love. It’s Don Fernando’s up toward Prather in the foothills about 25 minutes outside of Fresno.  It’s a rustic building and you wouldn’t know it’s there if you’re not looking for it. They have great Mexican cuisine. It’s wonderful.  The family used to have a restaurant here in Fresno called Don Fernando’s at Maroa and Shaw, but then I discovered they had moved to the foothills. It’s been a great place to go.

What’s in your Netflix que?
I’ve had “Chronos” for a while, but I haven’t watched it yet. I’ve been waiting for someone to watch it with me.

Filmworks thanks all of our July 2015 volunteers:
Rita Dias, Richard Flores, Megan Ginise, Satch Gonzalez, Tish Griggs, Carl Johnsen, Kathryn Johnsen, Julie Linxwiler, Isabel Mejorado, Tyrren Parrish, Gene Richards, Susan Rogers, Richard Stone, Sky Sweet, Arleen Thukral, Jon Veinberg, Olga Verkhotina, Benjamin Woodcock.

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