Volunteer of the Month: Susan Rogers

Our September 2013 volunteer of the month Susan Rogers loves her movie popcorn. Photo by JA Photography.
Our September 2013 volunteer of the month Susan Rogers loves her movie popcorn. Photo by JA Photography.
September 2013 Volunteer of the Month: Susan Rogers

Occupation: Susan is a retired National Sales Representative for The Fresno Bee.

What are some of your hobbies? “Spending time with my grandchildren. This year, three of my grandchildren started driving. I spent a good part of the summer giving driving lessons. I had a ball, and I had three ‘chauffeurs.’ ”

How you did you get involved with Filmworks? “Through a friend. I was invited to come see one of the movies and I loved it, and I asked if there was any way I could get involved.”

What are some of things that you do at the screenings? “I love to make popcorn! I love to eat it, too! I also help sell tickets, and sometimes I hand out and collect surveys.”

What are some of your favorite movie genres? “I love biographies, comedies, and musicals. I really enjoy independent films from other countries – England mostly. They have a dry sense of humor that I love.”

What is your favorite movie of all time?Yankee Doodle Dandy, without a doubt! I watch it every Fourth of July. It is a wonderful story about family and an interesting time in our history. James Cagney was one of my favorite actors as a kid.”

What is your favorite Filmworks event? “I love the shorts and animated films that are Academy Award nominees. I look forward to that every year.”

What is your favorite memory while volunteering? “I love the Fresno Film Festival [every spring]. There are so many different genres. There is something for every taste. I love all the people that come and it is always a highlight to sit in the discussions after the films.”

Filmworks thanks all of our September 2013 volunteers: Leslie Bjerke, Lorna Bonyhadi, Nené Casares, Celeste DeMonte, Fae Giffen, Linda Hernandez, Vikki Hernandez, Neal Howard, Rose Marie Kuhn (discussant), Sarah Nixon, Gene Richards, Susan Rogers, Sky Sweet, Colby Tibbet (intern), Lorraine Tomerlin, Andrew Veihmeyer (intern), Jon Veinberg, Suzanne Watkins.

Past volunteers of the month:
• August 2013 – Joan and Brijesh Sharma
• July 2013 – Jon Veinberg
• June 2013 – Richard Stone
• May 2013 – Sarah Nixon
• April 2013 – Alyssa Rendon
• March 2013 – Nené Casares

Contact our volunteer director, Gloria Burrola, to volunteer at a future screening.