Volunteer of the Month: Richard Stone

Photo by JA Photography
Photo by JA Photography
June 2013 Volunteer of the Month: Richard Stone

Occupation: Richard is a retired independent studies instructor at Reedley College. He currently teaches yoga at the Yoga Center of Fresno, he volunteers for the Fresno Center for Nonviolence as secretary and board member, he volunteers with the Community Alliance newspaper as a writer, and he recently joined the board of directors for the social services group Healing Hope.

What are your hobbies? “I write creative nonfiction. But I call it an avocation.”

What has been a favorite movie you’ve seen at Fresno Filmworks?12:08 East of Bucharest [in October 2007], a comedy about whether or not a revolution took place in a civil city. It was by a filmmaker just breaking into the business and semi-autobiographical of the director. It had allusions to other films, but it was all done so modestly and deadpan that I found it very enjoyable.”

Is there a certain movie genre you typically enjoy the most? “As long as it’s good quality, I don’t care what genre it is.”

How did you get involved with Filmworks? “I like film and Fresno commercial theaters are so limited in what they show. I read something about Filmworks and was delighted. I also know some people on the board. The Tower Theatre used to show foreign films and other good films and it was such a missing element in the Fresno area.”

Who got you to volunteer?Gloria Burrola. She attended classes at the Yoga Center of Fresno.”

What is your usual volunteer job? “Mostly the concession stand; I sometimes make the popcorn. I’ve volunteered for maybe three or four years.”

How do you think you benefit? “It’s a pleasure, and they treat volunteers nobly and generously. It’s a fun job interacting with people who pass through. If it helps Filmworks, I’m glad to do it.”

Filmworks thanks all of our June 2013 volunteers: Avigdar Adams, Michelle Alexander, Nick Andrews, Glenda English Finley, Katie Heaton, Julie Linxwiler, Peter McDonald, Susan Messina, Sarah Nixon, Elvie Pastor, Peter Pastor, Wes Pierson, Alyssa Rendon, Gene Richards, Bill Rovin, Zoe Smurr, Richard Stone, Andrew Veihmeyer (intern), Jon Veinberg, Suzanne Watkins.

Contact our volunteer coordinator, Gloria Burrola, to volunteer at a future screening.