Streaming Surprises – Our picks for the best of streaming movies

Charlie Chaplin takes on politics in “The Great Dictator”. Image via google images.


Dogtown and Z-Boys”

This 2001 documentary was truly a labor of love.  Skateboarding legend Stacy Peralta turned the camera on himself and his friends who, as rebellious teens in the 1970s, revolutionized skateboarding in the USA and were largely responsible for the sport’s popular resurgence in the 1980s.  Dogtown and Z-Boys, screened by Fresno Filmworks oh so many years ago, is a fascinating journey through the history of skateboarding in Southern California.

Submitted by Fae Giffen. Available on Crackle, iTunes, and Amazon instant video.

“The Great Dictator”

Part of the Criterion Collection now streaming on Hulu, “The Great Dictator” is a must for all movie buffs.  Charlie Chaplin’s satire of Hitler’s rise to power deflates the world leader into a buffoon and shows his policies to be nothing more than hot, hateful air.  The Great Dictator shows Chaplin’s masterful ability to examine the most painful subjects with biting and elegant humor.

Submitted by Fae Giffen. Available on Hulu and Amazon Instant Video