Meet Aubrey Plaza, a deadpan delight

Interviews with comic actress Aubrey Plaza — one of the young stars of our Oct. 10 movie, “Life After Beth” — are gold. She’s extremely deadpan. Some of her best interviews have come from appearances with late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien, but there are also many other examples of awkwardly awesome public conversations that show her poker-faced humor.

On “Conan”
In the spirit of “Life After Beth,” Aubrey says she has prepared herself for any number of apocalyptic possibilities.

Bonus: Jon Stewart talks with Aubrey on “The Daily Show” about “Life After Beth”, among other things. What more could you ask for in a celebrity interview? A closer close-up, perhaps?

“Parks and Recreation” panel appearance
Aubrey tells the now-famous story of when she met Joe Biden in high school and challenged him in an epic stare-down.

Bonus: To continue with the Biden theme, Aubrey stole something off the vice president’s desk after meeting with him recently at the White House.

On “Conan”
Aubrey photobombed Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry. She says: “It was a game-time decision that I made.” Short but sweet.

Bonus: Someone sent Aubrey a naked painting of her – and then he jumped in her pool.

On “Conan”
Aubrey was in charge of providing party favors for a bachelorette party, so naturally she went crazy with penis paraphernalia. Enjoy.

Bonus: Aubrey gets mean on demand.

Rebecca Horwitz earned her B.A. in theatre from UC San Diego. She volunteers as a marketing assistant for Filmworks.