I Heart Film: John Ostlund

John Ostlund, co-owner of K-Jewel 105.5 FM, began supporting Filmworks as a sponsor after enjoying a comedic short film with his son at one of our earliest film festivals.

I Heart Film: John Ostlund

What do you do for a living?
Chris Pacheco and I own and operate One Putt Broadcasting, a group of seven radio stations that includes K-Jewel 105.5 FM, KYNO 1430 AM, and 940 ESPN. Day to day, most of what I do is marketing related for the stations and clients of The Fulton Group, an advertising agency I own that represents locally owned businesses.

How did you first hear about Fresno Filmworks?
My son Eric and I wandered into the annual Fresno Film Festival years ago and saw a comedy short. I became a believer in the Filmworks mission and the quality of films presented, and we soon became a sponsor.

What about supporting Filmworks is important to you at One Putt Broadcasting?
To the degree that supporting local creative efforts adds to the quality of our community, Filmworks is good for every business and every resident.

What’s something the community may not know about your business?
People may not understand how unique it is to have locally owned radio stations in their community – or the impact local media can have on issues like unemployment, homelessness, education, healthcare, etc.

I’ve seen K-Jewel signs around town at local businesses that urge people to buy local. Why is that important to you as both a business owner and arts supporter?
Money spent local stays local. It has a four-times multiplier impact on our community. Buying local is the single easiest thing we can all do to reduce unemployment, generate tax revenue, and support our local economy.

What’s something your radio stations have accomplished that you’re particularly proud of, in terms of community impact?
Probably our “Weekend for the Community” events. Many times over the past 23 years, we’ve donated 100% of our commercial inventory from Friday noon through Sunday night to local nonprofits. They sell the commercials to local businesses and keep all the money.

What’s your favorite film that you’ve seen at Filmworks, or a favorite memory from attending one of our screenings?
I don’t recall the name of that first festival short, but the memory of laughing hard with my son, we’ll never forget.

What other types of films do you enjoy?
Bond. James Bond. Sorry, you asked!

Who’s your favorite Bond, and why?
Sean Connery. Because you never forget the first.

What might you say to community friends to encourage them to support Filmworks by attending or by becoming a sponsor or member?
Expand your entertainment horizon. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of art being produced that you’ve never heard about.

Anything else you’d like to add? 
More cowbell.

Our “I Heart Film” series spotlights our generous community donors. Contact our development director, Jefferson Beavers, for information on becoming a sponsor or member.