¡Viva NYICFF! Short Films

Synopsis & Film Details

For the first time on the big screen in the Central Valley, the Fresno Film Festival presents an exclusive engagement of short films from Spain and Latin America in this ¡Viva NYICFF! program. Chosen from among the best stories of the past five years from the New York International Children’s Film Festival, this diverse and daring 75-minute selection of short-form cinema features award-winners and audience favorites for all ages to enjoy and appreciate. Time Out New York says the ¡Viva NYICFF! collection “re-defines what kids’ entertainment can be.” With English subtitles.

Distributor: GKids

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Arte Américas – Casa de la Cultura


“My Queen” (Minha rainha)
A young girl looks forward to her big debut evening in the Rio de Janeiro carnival as the proud flag bearer for her samba school. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way she envisioned. (Live action)
Director: Cecilia Amado • Brazil • 11 minutes

“The Inflatable Grandma” (Amona putz!)
Exasperated parents can sometimes miss Grandma and her help. With the kids driving their parents crazy on a family camping trip, Dad comes up with an ingenious idea to keep them busy. (Live action)
Director: Telmo Esnal • Spain • 9 minutes

“Fifteen Years” (Quince años)
It’s her 15th birthday, and Vianney is getting ready for her quinceñera. But when things go awry on her big day, the best efforts of parents and friends cannot change the fact that she is “not alright.” (Live action)
Director: Liliana Torres • México • 7 minutes

“Grandma Grasshopper” (Abuela Grillo)
Based on a myth from the Bolivian lowlands. When Abuela Grillo sings, rain falls and crops grow. During a drought, a war erupts between villagers who need her and corporate heads who want her. (Animated)
Director: Denis Chapon • Bolivia/Denmark • 13 minutes

“Journey to Mars” (Viaje a Marte)
Like any space-curious boy, Antonio dreams of going to Mars. Luckily for the aspiring space cadet, his grandfather can take him there via his enchanted tow truck. Years later, he sees the truth behind his epic excursion. (Animated)
Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella • Argentina • 16 minutes

A curious nun sets out to discover the darker side of her world. (Animated)
Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella • Argentina • 3 minutes

On cue with the sunrise, each day begins with one man and his fellow residents of the luminous world being compelled to their jobs via sunlight. Tired of his job in the electric bulb factory, one man seeks to change the balance of things. (Mixed media)
Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella • Argentina • 7 minutes

“At the Opera”
Although miniscule in time, the power of one particular opera performance is captured, guaranteeing that the audience will be moved to tears. (Animated)
Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella • Argentina • 1 min

“Grandmother” (Mi abuela)
Once a 7-year-old city girl spends the weekend at her grandmother’s house in the countryside, she learns a beautiful lesson in not being quick to judges others — especially loved ones in her “family tree.” (Animated)
Director: Carlos Smith Rovira • Colombia • 8 min