The Women’s Balcony

Synopsis & Film Details

Fresno Filmworks presents “The Women’s Balcony”, Emil Ben-Shimon’s critically acclaimed comedy about the tensions between the women of an Orthodox congregation and an ultra-Orthodox rabbi. After the women’s balcony in a synagogue collapses, leaving the rabbi’s wife in a coma and the rabbi in shock, the congregation falls into crisis. On top of no longer being offered a place to congregate, a new ultra-Orthodox rabbi arrives and begins imposing his more conservative views. The women decide to stand up for themselves as they cause quite a stir within the congregation. Starring Avraham Aviv Alush, Yafit Asulin, and Orna Banai. Presented in Hebrew with English subtitles. Assistive listening services are not available for this film.

Director: Emil Ben Shimon
Israel • 96 minutes • Not rated
Distributor: Menemsha Films

Jewish Studies Program – Fresno State

Additional financial support provided by:
Fresno Jewish Film Series