The Girl in the Fog

Synopsis & Film Details

Based on the internationally acclaimed crime novel, “The Girl in the Fog” follows the sudden disappearance of Anna Lou, a 16-year-old girl from a small mountain village in the Italian Alps. A strange accident and a night of dense fog two days before Christmas are the only clues left behind. Called to investigate is the enigmatic Agent Vogel — played by veteran Italian filmmaker and actor Toni Servillo, who Filmworks fans will remember as the star of Golden Globe winner “The Great Beauty” in 2013. Vogel soon realizes that the case is far from simple. Working amidst an unprecedented media frenzy, the detective must make use of unconventional methods to uncover the truth. The fog that has swallowed Anna Lou hides a mystery far greater than herself, as a tangle of secrets arises. Written and directed by the novel’s author, Donato Carrisi, in his filmmaking debut. Co-starring Jean Reno, Alessio Boni, and Galatea Ranzi.

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Directed By Donato Carrisi
Country of Origin Italy/Germany/France
Language In Italian, with English subtitles
Film Length 128 minutes
Rating Unrated
Distributor Distrib Films

Critic Reviews

Filmmaker Donato Carrisi has what it takes to spin a good yarn.

Ron Wilkinson, It's Just Movies

At times hypnotic.

Antonio Trashorras, Fotogramas