The Garden

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The Garden tells the story of a 14-acre community garden in South Central Los Angeles that was, at its height, the largest of its kind in the United States. Residents started the community garden as a form of healing after the devastating LA riots in 1992. Since then, the South Central Farmers created a miracle in one of the country’s most blighted neighborhoods — growing their own food, feeding their families, and creating a community. But bulldozers now threaten their oasis. The documentary takes an unflinching look at the struggle between these urban farmers, the City of Los Angeles, and a powerful developer who wants to evict the farmers in order to build warehouses. Screening sponsors: Fresno Metro Ministry and T & D Willey Farms

Directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy
USA, 2008, Beta-SP
80 minutes

Companion Short Film

  • USA, Bryan Yokomi
  • 30 minutes, English
  • The Colorado Experience documents the journey of a Japanese-American family from Fresno County that voluntarily evacuated during World War II, avoiding internment. The family relocated to Colorado, leaving behind their vineyard and being forced into a new life. Although they were free from the barbed-wire fences of the camps, their lives still reflected struggle and poverty.

Part of the 5th Fresno Film Festival (2009).