The Divine Order

Synopsis & Film Details

Fresno Filmworks presents “The Divine Order”, Petra Volpe’s Tribeca Film Festival winner. Set in the year 1971, the film tells the story of Nora, an unassuming housewife who is suddenly thrust into the center of Switzerland’s woman’s suffrage movement. Despite facing backlash, Nora feels led to move forward and build up a following in order to secure the right for all women to vote, even if it means going on strike and leaving behind a comfortable life in order to do what’s right. With a strong ensemble cast and a powerful, resonating message, “The Divine Order” tells a story of of regular people fighting for what’s right against all odds. Starring Marie Leuenberger, Maximilian Simonischek and Rachel Braunschweig. Presented in Swiss with English subtitles. Assistive listening services are not available for this film.

Director: Petra Volpe
Switzerland • 96 minutes • Not rated (includes some sexual content)
Distributor: Zeitgeist Films

WILPF – Fresno Branch