The Carer

Synopsis & Film Details

Awarded a knighthood for his classical theatrical work, Sir Michael Gifford was a hell-raiser, womanizer, and a mesmerizing star.  He is now suffering from Parkinson’s disease, feeling trapped in his body and taking out his anger on anyone around him, including every caregiver hired to administer to his needs.  Enter Dorrotya, an ambitious young actress who recently immigrated from Hungary.  Despite having lied about her credentials as a caregiver and despite the insults hurled at her by Sir Michael, Dorrotya attends to him with respect and skill.  An impromptu exchange from Hamlet reveals a mutual love of Shakespeare and their relationship inches toward mutual respect.  When Sir Michael is offered a Lifetime Achievement Award, Dorrotya persuades him to accept it in person.  The resulting fallout sees Dorottya fired and Sir Michael in the hospital.  “The Carer” is a rich blend of tragedy and comedy, a feel-good film about aging and infirmity.  In English.

Join us after the screening for a special Q&A session with visiting filmmaker János Edelényi.

Director: János Edelényi

UK/Hungary (2016) • 89 minutes • Not Rated
Distributor: Corinth Films
Screening Sponsor: Woodward Shakespeare Festival