2011 Shorts Program #1

Synopsis & Film Details

Saturday, April 2nd

2011 Fresno Film Festival

The Astronaut on the Roof
Director: Sergi Portabella • Germany • 12 minutes

The comedic road movie The Astronaut on the Roof tells the story of two young filmmakers who want to write a script that will make them famous. The filmmakers write a script about two filmmakers who are writing a script about a teenage couple who become bank robbers. The movie shows the struggles of writing a movie, getting lost along in the way, and ending up starring in your own script.

Play by Play
Director: Carlos Baena • USA • 22 minutes

In the family drama Play by Play, a lonely 10-year-old named Donn leads a vivid imaginary life as a big-league ballplayer. When his schoolyard nemesis Steve accidentally learns about his imaginary life, Donn tries to avoid being humiliated in front of his class by outmaneuvering his tormentor.

Director: Jonathan Mathis • USA • 19 minutes

Fresno artist Richard Silva discusses his art and his life in the documentary Silva. Often forgotten between its larger neighbors of San Francisco to the north and Los Angeles to the south, the Fresno art scene quietly blossoms in this Fresno director’s first in a series of short films highlighting Central Valley artists. Silva is a local treasure, enchanting art enthusiasts with his work, his wit, and his engaging character.

Director: Miguel Ángel Rubio Recio • Spain/Italy/USA • 7 minutes

In the animated comedy King, you should have no fear. All pain is over. Your king is coming!

Director: Jen McGowan • USA • 11 minutes

In the drama Touch, two women make an unusual connection while waiting for the train. Sometimes the most personal connection in your life occurs with a complete stranger.