Opal Dream

Synopsis & Film Details

The touching story of a young girl whose unshakable faith in her two imaginary friends resonates through her small hometown in the Australian Outback. Based on the novel Pobby and Dingham, the film celebrates tolerance and the transformative power of the imagination.*

Directed by Peter Cattaneo
Australia/UK, 2005
Rated PG, 86 min., 35mm

Short Film

The Little Matchgirl*
From Walt Disney Pictures, a tale about a poor young girl who finds visions of happiness in the fiery flames of the matches that she lights to keep warm. Unlike most Disney adaptations, The Little Matchgirl does not compromise the integrity of the Hans Christian Andersen story on which it is based.

Oscar nominee for Best Animated Short.
Directed by Roger Allers and produced by Don Hahn
USA, 2006; 7 min., video

Part of the 3rd Fresno Film Festival (2007).