More Than Honey

Synopsis & Film Details

Still on the festival circuit ahead of its nationwide release in June, the documentary More Than Honey examines the dire situation of honeybees and the collapse of bee colonies worldwide. The filmmakers crisscross the globe to study the seemingly unmotivated disappearances of bees from hives saturated with honey—never to reappear at any other place, but also without leaving any dead bodies behind. Despite intense research, science cannot explain the catastrophic events. There is much more at stake than just honey: The bee is one of the most important farm animals in the modern, globalized food industry. Without pollination provided by billions of honeybees, a large part of our fruits, vegetables, and even meats would never make it to our plates. The film engages with Albert Einstein’s prediction: If bees are extinct, man will surely follow within four years. How will we respond? In English, German, and Mandarin, with English subtitles.

Post-screening Discussion Circle
Join Madera organic farmer Tom Willey, Bakersfield bee broker Joe Traynor, and Fresno farm advisor Shannon Mueller to talk about the film. Willey farms a 75-acre, certified organic patch year-round. Traynor owns Scientific Ag Co., which manages bee rentals between almond growers and beekeepers. Meuller directs the UC Cooperative Extension in Fresno and Madera counties, helping farmers manage pollination and honeybees.

Screening Sponsors: T & D Willey Farms and Scientific Ag Co.