Modern Times

Synopsis & Film Details

Modern Times*

with short film Simulcra*

  • Saturday, April 19, 2008
  • 11 a.m.
  • The Tower Theatre
  • 815 E. Olive Avenue, Fresno [map]


Playing a tramp struggling to survive in modern industrial society, Charlie Chaplin created, with MODERN TIMES, one of the most elaborate cinematic critiques of the effects of mass production on 20th-century life. With his usual charm and bad luck, Charlie Chaplin’s most famous character, The Tramp, executes some of his most famous slapstick routines around massive/glorified machines, accidentally ends up in the middle of a communist rally, and falls in love with a street waif played by Chaplin’s then real-life partner Paulette Goddard.

Directed by Charlie Chaplin
USA, 1936
87 minutes, NR

Companion Short Film

  • Simulacra*
  • USA, Tatchapon Lertwirojkul
  • 4 minutes, English
  • In the vast universe, there is a robot planet on which everything is machine and robot. One day, a robot finds there is one organic life existing in his world. Then, he decides to get that piece.

Part of the 4th Fresno Film Festival (2008).