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with short film CARNIVAL DARING-DO*

  • Sunday, April 20, 2008
  • 12 P.M.
  • The Tower Theatre
  • 815 E. Olive Avenue, Fresno [map]


Winner of the Camera d’Or at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival

Poignant, often witty, and exceedingly cinematic, JELLYFISH (MEDUZOT), tells the story of three very different Tel Aviv women whose intersecting stories weave an unlikely portrait of modern Israeli life. Batya, a catering waitress, takes in a child apparently abandoned at a local beach. Batya is one of the servers at the wedding reception of Keren, a bride who breaks her leg escaping a locked toilet stall, ruining her chance at a dream Caribbean honeymoon. And attending the event with an employer is Joy, a non-Hebrew-speaking domestic worker who has guiltily left her son behind in her native Philippines.

As this distaff trio separately wends their way through Israel’s most cosmopolitan city, they struggle with issues of communication, affection, and destiny–but at times find uneasy refuge in its tranquil seas.

Directed by Etgar Kerret & Shira Geffen
Israel/France, 2007
In Hebrew, with English subtitles
78 minutes, NR

Companion Short Film

  • USA, Carla Poindexter
  • 9 minutes, English
  • In the animated short, CARNIVAL DARING-DO, inevitably propelled characters’ journey into fields of energized micro and macro space, in a mind-expanding reverie touching on current philosophic preoccupations, cosmic homesickness, and lyrical emotions.

Part of the 4th Fresno Film Festival (2008).