Everything’s Cool

Synopsis & Film Details

In their signature upbeat comedic style, Daniel Gold and Judith Helfand have created an entertaining, character-driven documentary about global warming. Among the profiles are a Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist who repeatedly tries to retire but can’t, the Weather Channel’s first climatologist with a “global-warming beat” who must pack her Ph.D. into 30-second sound bites, a snow groomer turned biodiesel entrepreneur, and an Inuit community that must decide whether to stay and risk getting washed into the sea or move their entire village.*

Directed by Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand
USA, 2006; 100 min., Beta SP

Short Film

One Rat Short*
The mesmerizing ballet of a discarded food wrapper leads a New York subway rat into an adventure of love and loss. Inspired by A Red Balloon, One Rat Short was awarded Best in Show at the 2006 Siggraph Computer Animation Festival.

Directed by Alex Weil
USA, 2006; 10 min., video

Part of the 3rd Fresno Film Festival (2007).