2013 Shorts Program #2

Synopsis & Film Details

Walk the Light
Director: Anthony Sabet. USA. 14 minutes.

Working inside a Walk/Don’t Walk traffic light isn’t as easy as it looks, as we learn in the romantic comedy Walk the Light. When you learn more about the lives of Lester (Michael Richards), James (Eric Hunicutt), and Julia (Tamara Feldman), you will never cross the street the same way.

Quinn’s New Video Game
Director: Heather Freeman. USA. 3 minutes.

The director of the animated comedy Quinn’s New Video Game records a conversation with her four-year-old son, who wants to make a video game with her. The animation, which combines 2D and 3D worlds to reflect the humorous intersection of a child’s imagination and conventional video making, takes us through their plans.

Director: Roy Vongtama. USA. 9 minutes.

Based on a true story, the drama Crows tells the tale of a nosy paparazzi who encounters a curious onlooker while staking out a local preschool where celebrity kids go.

Le Train Bleu
Director: Stephanie Assimacopoulo. France. 18 minutes.

Paris. The Gare de Lyon railway station. The dramatic fantasy Le Train Bleu tells the story of Elie, who behaves as a true bounder, and Selena, who is evermore in love. They still want to pick up the pieces. At the bar of The Blue Train, where they stop to have one last drink, neither one of them could imagine what might happen.

Director: Anthony Jerjen. Switzerland. 15 minutes.

In the dramatic mystery Trained, a 1930s magician named Leonard is on the verge of bankruptcy. To avoid it, he decides to perform the biggest and most dangerous trick of his career, despite the advice of his manager.

Director: Wenhwa Ts’Ao. USA. 14 minutes.

The war drama Towing tells of a female veteran’s struggle to make the adjustment to civilian life. One fateful night, her war experiences come back to challenge her as she’s yet again forced to face meaningless death. The film explores gender, race, and class with a feminine perspective on the emotional effects of war.
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Closing Bell
Director: Janek Ambros. USA. 5 minutes.

In the thriller Closing Bell, it is September 2008. As Congress contemplates a $700 billion bailout for the banks, the market is rapidly crumbling. A broker must decide where to allocate his money with four minutes until the closing bell.

Director: Amrinder Jassar. USA. 6 minutes.

In the animated action film SideKick, a farmer named Utth lives in the middle of nowhere. One day, he runs out of gas for his truck and there is nobody around to help him. Utth has to figure out an alternative solution to deliver his carrots to the market.