2013 Shorts Program #1

Synopsis & Film Details

Rose of Sharon
Director: Erika Rogers. USA. 14 minutes.

In the drama Rose of Sharon, a young mother of two values the relationship with her boyfriend more than the relationship with her two young kids. The boyfriend has complete control of the mother’s mind. Although she has a gut feeling that he has been cheating on her, she suppresses it in hopes that her feelings are wrong.

Director: Shannon Kohli. New Zealand/Canada/Switzerland. 16 minutes.

Real quotes found in women’s washroom stalls across North America are pieced together to form the entire script of the experimental drama Stalled. Amid the many humorous quotations, there are many cries for help. The story centers on The Janitor, a woman in her seventies. As she enters each stall, she becomes the woman who wrote the words on the walls, dealing with their struggles with heartbreaking honesty.
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The House with Nobody In It
Director: David Carnegie. Canada. 3 minutes.

The animated drama The House with Nobody In It is inspired by the 1914 Joyce Kilmer poem of the same name.

Director: Guillaume Pierret. France. 9 minutes.

The crime drama Matriarche tells the story of a confrontation between a mother and her son, after one has taken part in a bloody robbery.

It Felt Good to Have This Pain
Director: Matt Latham. USA. 15 minutes.

June and Olivia are close friends in the romantic drama It Felt Good to Have This Pain. When June develops romantic feelings for Oliva, their mutual inability to deal with it leads to an accident that kills June. The ghost of June returns to say what went unsaid.

Later Than Usual
Director: David Hovan. Canada. 6 minutes.

The drama Later Than Usual shows a day in the life of an elderly couple. The nonverbal interactions between them make for sometimes funny and other times poignant moments. The couple has lived so long together that they have nothing left to say to each other. Living in their old house, they go about their daily routines, until …

Director: Doug Van Bebber. USA. 19 minutes.

In the drama Somebody, a young Marine and a first-time prostitute spend the evening in a rundown motel where they discover they are both searching for somebody.