2008 Fresno Film Festival Shorts Program 2

Synopsis & Film Details

PROGRAM 7: Sunday, April 20, at 2 p.m.

Shorts Program No.2
Fresno Film Festival short film category

Directors: Lucas Fleischer and Paul Grellong • USA • 12 minutes
In Parachute, a precocious young boy plays with toy paratroopers in his yard and witnesses a man and woman engaged in an extramarital affair. He confronts the man and after an awkward beginning — and a little adventure — they develop an unlikely friendship. (With special appearance by Damian Acevedo, cinematographer.)

Director: Joaquin Baldwin • USA • 3 minutes
Papiroflexia, which in Spanish means “origami,” is the animated tale of Fred, a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands.

Director: Robert Hackett • UK • 7 minutes
Patience tells the story of two beds next to each other but separated by a screen. Constance has a view of a park and Vera listens to descriptions of what is happening outside. Although entertained, Vera is envious of this view of the outside world and eventually the desire for her own window becomes overwhelming.

Waiting On Fountain
Director: Evan Wasserstrom • USA • 4 minutes
In Waiting On Fountain, a little kid waits for the bus on the first day of camp. An old woman sits with the kid, discussing her experiences from what seem to be her camp days. (With special appearance by Darrin Navarro, film editor.)

Director: Tyrone HuFF • USA • 15 minutes
In Chiles, the dinner table is set as Randal, a young black man, attempts to impress his future Mexican in-laws. Add a side of language barriers, a helping of cultural difference, and a bowl of chiles, and this table heats up. (With special appearance by Tyrone HuFF, director and writer.)

Hotel Fresno
Director: Teresa Flores • USA • 4 minutes
Hotel Fresno tells the story of the once upscale hotel — used in its later days a refuge for transients. The Hotel Fresno is explored in an elevator ride through the city, down Motel Drive, and boarding the bus, as the sun sets in a poetic meditation by Dixie Salazar that explores the lives of the overlooked in the city. (With special appearance by Teresa Flores, director.)

Director: David Sauvage • USA • 23 minutes
Carissa, pictured left, tells the story of Carissa Phelps, who is today earning a law degree and an MBA from UCLA. But when she was 12, she was homeless and forced into prostitution in Fresno. (With special appearances by David Sauvage, director and producer, and Carissa Phelps, the subject.)

Questions and answers with the visiting filmmakers will follow the program.

Part of the 4th Fresno Film Festival (2008).