Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2015

Synopsis & Film Details

For two nights only, catch an exclusive presentation of The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2015, just weeks before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces its winners. For the 10th straight year, Filmworks joins Magnolia Pictures and ShortsHD to continue its tradition of bringing the world’s best short-form cinema to the Central Valley. The two evenings will feature three full programs of Academy Award-nominated short movies. A special $15 double-feature ticket will be available for any two programs.

ANIMATION — 77 minutes, Rated PG
• “Me and My Moulton” — One summer in mid-1960s Norway, a 7-year-old girl asks her parents if she and her sisters can have a bicycle. We get a glimpse of a young protagonist’s thoughts as she struggles with her sense that her family is a little out of sync with what she perceives as “normal.” Directed by Torill Kove. 14 minutes. Canada and Norway.
• “Feast” — From Walt Disney Animation Studios and the head of animation for “Paperman” comes the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston. Their story is revealed bite by bite through the meals they share. Directed by Patrick Osborne. 6 minutes. USA.
• “The Bigger Picture” — One brother hisses to the other: “You want to put her in a home; you tell her; tell her now!” But Mother won’t go, and their own lives unravel as she clings on. Life-size animated characters tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an elderly parent. Directed by Daisy Jacobs. 7 minutes. UK.
• “A Single Life” — When playing a mysterious vinyl single, Pia is suddenly able to travel through her life. Directed by Marieke Blaauw, Joris Oprins, and Job Roggeveen. 2 minutes. Netherlands.
• “The Dam Keeper” — From the art directors of such beloved films as “Ice Age,” “Ratatouille,” and “Toy Story 3” comes the hand-drawn tale of a young pig encumbered with an important job, and the meeting of a new classmate who changes everything. Directed by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi. 18 minutes. USA.
Note: The animated lineup will also include four additional “highly commended” titles: “Sweet Cocoon,” “Footprints,” “Duet,” and “Bus Story.”

LIVE ACTION — 117 minutes, Rated PG-13
• “Parvaneh” — A young Afghan immigrant travels to Zurich where she encounters a punk named Emily. Directed by Talkhon Hamzavi. In Dari and German, with English subtitles. 25 minutes. Switzerland.
• “Boogaloo and Graham” — Jamesy and Malachy are over the moon when their soft-hearted dad presents them with two baby chicks to care for. Raising their tiny charges, declaring themselves vegetarian and dreaming of running a chicken farm, the two boys are in for a shock when their parents announce that big changes are coming to the family. Directed by Michael Lennox. 14 minutes. UK.
• “Aya” — Two strangers unexpectedly meet at an airport. He mistakenly assumes her to be his assigned driver. She, enchanted by the random encounter, does not hurry to prove him wrong. Directed by Mihal Brezis and Oded Binnun. In English, Hebrew, Danish, with English subtitles. 39 minutes. Israel and France.
• “The Phone Call” — Sally Hawkins stars as Heather, a shy lady who works at a helpline call center. When she receives a phone call from a mystery man (played by Jim Broadbent) she has no idea that the encounter will change her life forever. Directed by Mat Kirkby. 21 minutes. UK.
• “Butter Lamp” (“La lamp au beurre de yak”) — A young itinerant photographer and his assistant offer to photograph some Tibetan nomads in front of various backgrounds. Directed by Hu Wei. In Tibetan, with English subtitles. 15 minutes. France and China.

DOCUMENTARY — 160 minutes, Rated R
• “Joanna” — With great visual poetry, there are simple and meaningful moments in the life of Joanna’s family. Diagnosed with an untreatable illness, she promises her son that she will do her best to live for as long as possible. It is a story of close relationships, tenderness, love and thoughtfulness. Directed by Aneta Kopacz. In Polish, with English subtitles. 40 minutes. Poland.
• “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1” — A timely story spotlighting the traumas endured by America’s veterans, as seen through the work of a hotline’s trained responders, who provide immediate intervention and support in hopes of saving the lives of service members. Directed by Ellen Goosenberg Kent. 39 minutes. USA.
• “Our Curse” — A personal statement by the director and his wife, the family has to deal with a very rare and incurable disease of their newborn child: the Ondine’s Curse (also known as CCHS, congenital central hypoventilation syndrome). People affected with the disease stop breathing during sleep and require lifetime mechanical ventilation on a ventilator. Directed by Tomasz Sliwinski. In Polish, with English subtitles. 27 minutes. Poland.
• “White Earth” — Thousands of souls flock to America’s Northern Plains seeking work in the oil fields. This is the tale of an oil boom seen through unexpected eyes. Three children and an immigrant mother brave a cruel winter and explore themes of innocence, home and the American Dream. Directed by J. Christian Jensen. In English and Spanish, with English subtitles. 20 minutes. USA.
• “The Reaper” (“La Parka”) — Efrain, known as the Reaper, has worked at a slaughterhouse for 25 years. We will discover his deep relationship with death and his struggle to live. Directed by Gabriel Serra Arguello. In Spanish, with English subtitles. 29 minutes. Mexico.


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