Synopsis & Film Details

Though the migrant crisis in Europe is dominating headlines in 2015, many immigrant struggles — leaving their familiar homes behind, paying large sums for a unsafe trek, and trusting strangers to guide their families across deserts and oceans toward more uncertainty — remain invisible to most. Hitting on a devastatingly timely topic, Italian-American director Jonas Carpignano’s debut feature manages to capture the scope of a global crisis through intimate terms. Through a neorealist shooting style, “Mediterranea” follows best friends Ayiva and Abas on their treacherous journey from Burkina Faso in West Africa to Italy, where the two find themselves conflicted with reality and the dream life they set out for. In French and Italian, with English subtitles.

Director: Jonas Carpignano
Italy / France / USA / Germany / Qatar (2015)
110 minutes, Not Rated
Distributor: IFC Films