I Am Not a Witch

Synopsis & Film Details

Emerging filmmaker Rungano Nyoni won this year’s BAFTA award for Outstanding Debut for this comic, tragic, and captivating beautiful tale. The UK’s official 2019 Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film tells the story of 9-year-old Zambian orphan Shula, who stands accused of witchcraft. She is exiled to a witch camp run by Mr. Banda, a corrupt government official. Tied to the ground by a white ribbon, Shula is told that she will turn into a goat if she tries to escape. As the only child witch, Shula quickly becomes a local star and the adults exploit her supposed powers for financial gain. Soon she is forced to make a difficult decision – resign herself to life in the camp, or take a risk for freedom. A hit at over 50 international festivals, I Am Not a Witch is a must-see of New African Cinema. In English and Nyanja, with English subtitles.
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Director: Rungano Nyoni
UK/Zambia/France/Germany (2017) • 93 minutes • Not rated
Distributor: Film Movement