Volunteer Spotlight: Rachael Stubbert

Rachael Stubbert served as the Filmworks marketing intern in fall 2018.

December 2018 volunteer in the spotlight: Rachael Stubbert

Where do you go to school and what are you studying? I’m currently attending Fresno State, studying English literature and creative writing.

Where are you from originally? I’m from Fresno, but I’ve lived in Arizona and Montana in the past too.

Where do you currently work? I work as a communications assistant for Fresno State’s College of Arts and Humanities. I mostly write for the college’s news site.

How did you first hear about Filmworks? I first heard of Filmworks when I took Jefferson Beavers for a film studies class at Fresno City College in 2013. Much later, Jefferson approached me with the opportunity to apply for a marketing internship after we reconnected at LitHop 2018.

Why did you decide to serve Filmworks as an intern? I thought it would be a productive way to combine my creative writing with my love of film, while contributing to an organization that is really passionate about promoting the arts in our community.

What’s your favorite movie you’ve seen at Filmworks? My absolute favorite movie was “We the Animals” based on the novel by Justin Torres, which showed on opening night of the Fresno Film Festival. It was gorgeously shot. There’s this really dynamic tension between the intimacy of the cinematography and the angsty animated illustrations that builds throughout.

What other types of films do you enjoy? I like anything that really delves deep into the central characters on the screen. I love when we get that development of human paradox, those competing flawed inconsistencies within a person. I think that complexity is really beautiful and film is such a perfect medium for an audience to experience that.

What has been your most memorable experience as an intern/volunteer? Through my work creating content for Filmworks, I was able to connect with the films on an entirely different level. I became more conscious of all the subtle details that make up the whole and how they culminate in little portraits of perfection on the screen.

What would you tell people who might be interested in volunteering with us? If you like to write, talk, or just be in the vicinity of some truly great films and the people who love them, then get involved! Filmworks is a great source for creative inspiration and expression in Fresno.

Filmworks thanks our December 2018 volunteers: Amara Bell, Teule Bell Sr., Teule Bell Jr., Nené Casares, Soledad Gonzalez Mora, Judy Haber, Linda Hernandez, Rebecca Horwitz, Neal Howard, Carl Johnsen, Kathryn Johnsen, Justin Johnson, Richard Markley, Anne McGowan, Conde McGowan, Gene Richards, Rachael Stubbert, Lorraine Tomerlin.

Filmworks thanks our November 2018 volunteers: Teule Bell Sr., Teule Bell Jr., Gloria Burrola, Nené Casares, Lucienne Chen, John Dunning, Linda Garcia, Soledad Gonzalez Mora, Karen Hammer, Bryan Harley, Rebecca Horwitz, Neal Howard, Jonathan Hurtado, Kathryn Johnsen, Julio Lopez, Richard Markley, Monica Marks, Peter McDonald, Katie McQuone Botello, Ashley Mejia, Dotty Mora, Stan Morita, Donna Mott, Luis Ojeda, Nancy Price, Gene Richards, Chris Simmons, Gary Simmons, Rachael Stubbert.

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