Volunteer of the Month: Sarah Nixon

Photo by Keith Seaman
May 2013 Volunteer of the Month: Sarah Nixon

Occupation: Sarah is a sophomore at Central West High School. She also volunteers at Food Not Bombs and for different projects at her school.

What are your hobbies? “I really enjoy studying about completely extraneous subjects. I feel like that compels me to change what my college major is going to be. Most recently I’ve been fascinated with neuropharmacology. If you ask me in a month, I’d probably want to study something different.”

When did you first become acquainted with Filmworks? “I had driven by The Tower Theatre a fair percentage of my life and I’m sure some showings must have gone on and I was completely unaware. We used to pick up our vegetables from a CSA, and when I walked into the house where it was delivered, there was a sign for Urbanized [in January 2011].”

What has been your favorite screening? “I really liked the film Turn Me On, Dammit! [in June 2012] because a predominance of the audience seemed vaguely uncomfortable. I really enjoy when that happens because I think that’s occasionally what films are supposed to elicit in people, and it’s really fascinating to watch people experience that.”

What is one film you’d love to see on The Tower Theatre’s big screen?Sans soleil. It’s shot in a documentary fashion and it’s narrated by the director, and I really enjoyed it. It’s also called Sunless, which is from the name of the song cycle by Modest Mussorgsky.”

What is your favorite time period of film? “Maybe 1970s or ’80s. The Holy Mountain [1973] and Sans soleil [1983] are my two favorite films. So, within that time period.”

Who got you to volunteer?Alyssa Rendon was the substitute teacher in my world geography class. We briefly crossed paths at the showing of Urbanized and she encouraged me to volunteer. The next month I was on call to serve two shifts.”

What is your usual volunteer job? “I frequently take tickets and stand by tables and get mistaken for people in films, which I am pretty good at being mistaken as.”

How do you benefit? “Just becoming acquainted with the individuals that volunteer there and having conversations with them. It feels like a very good lecture in one sitting. I learn a lot from them. And I always know I’ll busy on the second Friday of the month, which is pretty good to inform my friends of so they can come.”

Filmworks thanks all of our May 2013 volunteers: John Alden, Nené Casares, Karen Hammer, Bryan Harley, Linda Hernandez, Carl Johnsen, Kathryn Johnsen, Mary Malesani, Monica Marks-Rea, Sarah Nixon, Luis Ojeda, Kristy Page, David Pirl, Alyssa Rendon, Gene Richards, Roque Rodriguez, Susan Rogers, Debi Ruud, Brijesh Sharma, Joan Sharma, William Skuban (discussant), Richard Stone, Tracy Stuntz, Lorriane Tomerlin, Andrew Veihmeyer (intern), Jon Veinberg, Olga Verkhotina (intern), Rebecca Wage.

Contact our volunteer coordinator, Gloria Burrola, to volunteer at a future screening.