Volunteer of the Month: Alyssa Rendon

Photo by Keith Seaman
April 2013 Volunteer of the Month: Alyssa Rendon

Occupation: Assistant teacher, academic program coordinator, nanny.

Fun fact: In addition to volunteering at this year’s festival, Alyssa also performed with Academia de Arte Flamenco on closing night.

When did you first start volunteering? In 2011, at the Fresno Film Festival.

Why volunteer for Fresno Filmworks? “I just graduated from [UC Irvine] and moved back to Fresno. I wanted to get involved in the community again, and I love culture and the idea that Fresno Filmworks brings independent and international movies to Fresno.”

What is your usual volunteer job? “Everything from concessions to tickets, to greeting the audience. You name it! It is nice to move around and do different tasks every time.”

What is your favorite thing about volunteering? “Being a part of the community and meeting people I wouldn’t usually meet in my daily life. I like socializing and seeing amazing films.”

How do you benefit? “Just by being satisfied. I’m not a film major. I just like to come and have a good time, help out.”

Filmworks thanks all of our April 2013 volunteers: Avigdar Adams, Desiree Astorino (performer), Adán Avalos (discussant), Dante Avena (performer), Sarah Barker, Destini Brauner, Catherine Campbell, Nené Casares, Neil Cusick, Celeste DeMonte, Rita Dias, Alfred Erickson, Al Franco (discussant), Karen Hammer, Bryan Harley, Tim Hernandez (discussant), Jason Herrera, Ashley Hovland (performer), Neal Howard, Franklin Jacinto, Carl Johnsen, Kathyrn Johnsen, Jenna Lange, Joan Levie, Monica Marks-Rea, Shannon Mueller (discussant), Sarah Nixon, Luis Ojeda, Shlomo Pleban, Arianna Post (performer), Jacinda Potikian (performer), The Raging Grannies (performers), Ricardo Ramirez (performer), Alyssa Rendon (performer), Gene Richards, Susan Rogers, Bill Rovin, Makayla Sampson, Richard Stone, Tracy Stuntz, Joe Traynor (discussant), Jon Veinberg, Olga Verkhotina (intern), Suzanne Watkins, Tom Willey (discussant).

Contact our volunteer coordinator, Gloria Burrola, to volunteer at a future screening.