Streaming Surprises, Volume 31

Our “Streaming Surprises” series calls attention to good movies new and old that our board members are watching. Titles are available from various streaming services.


Submitted by CINDY PETERS DUZI. Streaming on multiple platforms, including Amazon Prime.

For many, retirement offers an exciting new chapter in life, while others face an overwhelming sense of ennui. Karin, Gerhard, and Philippa never imagined they would find themselves feeling useless and even worse, old. Karin’s husband is more interested in his model trains than his wife and can’t imagine spending money on travel when he could buy two chair lifts for their home. Gerhard is a bit of a curmudgeon, a trait only emphasized when his husband dies. And Philippa is the bohemian free spirit, hiding her pain beneath her carefree approach to life.

When Philippa enlists Karin and Gerhard to become granny nannies to families with young children, all three encounter situations fraught with discord. Helicopter parents, complex family dynamics, and hyperactive children require determination and a large dose of love from each of our characters. The scenarios that unfold are equal parts hilarious, tender and painful, but the growth we witness confirms the idea it is never too late to build a life filled with purpose and joy.

With myriad streaming platforms available, it can be a struggle to choose a film to watch. So much of what is out there is mired in conflict, violence, and darkness; it can be a relief and a pleasure to watch a simple film that focuses on human relationships. Granny Nanny is available for a minimal rental fee on streaming platforms. In German with English subtitles.

A retired high school English teacher, Cindy Peters Duzi serves on the Filmworks board as venue director. She blogs about current cinema on her INSTAGRAM.