Streaming Surprises – Our picks for the best of streaming movies


Looking for a good movie to stream this weekend? We’ve got some suggestions. Image of 10,000 KM via


Filmworks board members and volunteers love movies.  It’s why we do what we do.  When we’re not busy putting together screenings at the Tower Theatre we spend much of our time watching movies at home and now we want to share some of our top picks with you.  This new blog will feature some of our favorite hidden gems that are available on various streaming media platforms and which you might have missed.  So pop some popcorn, get a comfy spot on the couch, and settle in for a movie night at home.

Heart of a Dog. Available via HBO Go

In her first film in a decade, avant-garde performance artist Laurie Anderson delivers a surreal meditation on love, life, and companionship. The imaginative and sometimes heartbreaking sequences with her beloved terrier, Lolabelle, provide the outward narrative glue for a deeper, unspoken story about the loss of another loved one.

Submitted by Jefferson Beavers, Fresno Filmworks Development Director.

10,000 KM. Available via Amazon Prime

From debut director Carlos Marquez-Maret comes an emotionally probing tale on long distance relationships. Alexandra and Sergi have been dating blissfully in Barcelona for 7 years when out of the blue Alexandra takes a year long residency in Los Angeles. 10,000 KM follows Alexandra and Sergi as they use modern technology to make up for the ocean and continent that separate them. Marquez-Maret takes the audience into the uncomfortable reality and challenges of long distance relationships.

Submitted by Benjamin Woodcock, Fresno Filmworks Treasurer.