I Heart Film: Joshua Tehee

The Fresno Bee reporter Joshua Tehee has been coming to Filmworks movies for so long, he can’t remember when he first attended.
I Heart Film: Joshua Tehee

What is your role at The Fresno Bee?

I am officially a reporter on the breaking news team, but I have worked for a long time (and still do) covering arts, entertainment, and pop culture, with a particular interest in music.

How did you first hear about Fresno Filmworks?

It has been so long now that I forget exactly how I came across Filmworks the first time. I remember writing about the organization pretty early on in my reporting career, though.

How does The Fresno Bee support Filmworks, and why is that important to your organization?

Through an advertising sponsorship, The Bee runs promotions in our print edition for the monthly film series and Fresno Film Festival, and it also does occasional ticket giveaways with our readers. We know that movies are an important component in the entertainment landscape in Fresno and that there is a void of independent, art house, and international films—lots of mega-plexes playing the blockbusters. Filmworks fills in that gap, and that’s important.

What’s something the community may not know about The Bee that you’re particularly proud of?

I am proud of the knowledge base that The Bee has in its newsroom. Whether it’s the local music scene or restaurant and retail news or the ongoing saga of high-speed rail, The Bee is as close as you’re going to come to having independent experts in those fields.

What are your favorite types of movies?

I went to high school in the ’90s, so indie films have a place in my heart. I mostly watch documentaries these days.

I know you are also a local rock musician. What’s your favorite music documentary?

Oh, man. It’s hard to call. I should probably say “Instrument,” the Jem Cohen doc about Fugazi, or “The Last Waltz,” the Martin Scorsese doc about The Band. How about a recent top five, in no particular order?

“The Punk Singer”
“A Band Called Death”
“Beware of Mr. Baker”
“You’re Gonna Miss Me”
“We Jam Econo”

What’s one of your most memorable Filmworks movie experiences?

Seeing the Banksy documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was a highlight for sure. As was “Speed Sisters,” the documentary on women street racers in Palestine. Thought provoking, eye-opening stuff.

What might you say to a community friend to encourage them to support Filmworks by attending a film or becoming a member or sponsor?

People like to complain about the state of arts and culture or whatever in Fresno, and there are criticisms to be had, no doubt. But there is also a lot of effect being put in by groups like Fresno Filmworks that goes unnoticed or get overlooked. Cool stuff can only happen when it’s supported. So, support!

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