Filmworks sponsors “Swede Fest” on Sunday, November 11

On Sunday, November 11 at 6pm, following our Classics series, Fresno Filmworks sponsors Swede Fest 10, a film festival for sweded films: hilarious, short, no-budget recreations of popular Hollywood movies.

Started in 2008 by Roque Rodriguez and Bryan Harley, Swede Fest was inspired by Michel Gondry’s film “Be Kind Rewind,” in which two video store clerks accidentally erase every VHS tape in their store and attempt to cover up the mistake by remaking the films themselves.

Sweding takes the best and worst movies that come out of Hollywood and combines them with the creativity and ingenuity of their greatest fans. With an emphasis on comedy and a commitment to no-cost production, sweding represents the pinnacle of fun, amateur filmmaking.

Swede Fest 10 is suitable for all ages and admission is free. Organizers are accepting submissions until Monday, November 5; anyone and everyone is encouraged to create a film. For more information visit