Synopsis & Film Details

Fresno Filmworks presents “Vazante”, the debut feature from Brazilian director Daniela Thomas. Set in 1820’s Brazil, the film follows Antonio, a wealthy cattle herder who loses his wife during childbirth, and Beatriz, the niece of his late wife who is forced to become his new bride. Unhappy living alone at his property with numerous African slaves and his aging mother-in-law, Antonio reluctantly marries Beatriz before leaving on a trading expedition. Left behind, Beatriz soon finds solace in the other displaced and oppressed inhabitants around her. Starring Adriano Carvalho, Luana Nastas and Sandra Corveloni. Presented in Portuguese with English subtitles. Assistive listening services are not available for this film.

Director: Daniela Thomas

Brazil • 116 minutes • R

Distributor: Music Box Films

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