Synopsis & Film Details

Filmworks presents the neo-noir dramatic thriller “Transit,” inspired by the World War II novel by Anna Seghers. With cinematic echoes of “Casablanca,” this international festival hit was nominated for the Golden Bear at the 2018 Berlinale. Set conceptually in modern-day France, Nazis have just invaded Paris. Georg (Franz Rogowski) escapes a concentration camp and is now fleeing Paris for Marseille. He receives the papers of a controversial Communist writer who had secured a Mexican visa. When he attempts to return the papers to the Mexican consul, he is suddenly presented with a tempting, possibly life-saving opportunity: He impulsively claims the writer’s identity. With the papers, but stuck in purgatorial Marseille with thousands of other refugees, Georg meets and falls in love with a young woman (Paula Beer) who is looking for her missing husband—the same man he is impersonating. In German and French, with English subtitles. Assistive listening services are not available for this film.

Director: Christian Petzold
Germany/France • 101 minutes • Not Rated
Distributor: Music Box Films