The Wandering Muse

Synopsis & Film Details

On the anniversary of Sept. 11, Filmworks presents a film about resilience and togetherness: the independent documentary “The Wandering Muse.” The movie tells the story of wandering Jewish musicians, who for millennia as reluctant nomads have used instruments as passports to the world. In an Argentine bar, two friends play tango-infused klezmer. In rural Uganda, villagers chant Hebrew prayers in East African harmonies. At a Montreal party, an artist mixes hip-hop and jazz with cantorial singing in a multilingual tour-de-force. And in a Berlin apartment, an American harmonizes with a Russian in a rendition of an anti-Zionist song from the 1920s. From ram’s horn to beatbox, director Tamás Wormser examines a kaleidoscope of Jewish identities through the invigorating and ever-changing music of diaspora. In nine different languages, with English subtitles.

Director: Tamás Wormser
Canada • 93 minutes • Not Rated

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Fresno Jewish Film Series
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