The Great Man

Synopsis & Film Details

Filmworks presents the French drama “The Great Man,” an international festival favorite that depicts the stresses of war and immigration. The movie tells the story of French Foreign Legion soldiers, Hamilton and Markov. While finishing their five years of service with a six-month deployment in Afghanistan, the inseparable friends are ambushed during an unofficial expedition, leaving Hamilton seriously wounded. Despite saving Hamilton’s life, Markov — an undocumented Chechen immigrant — is dishonorably discharged and left adrift in Paris, struggling to reconnect and provide for his son, Khadji. When Markov is killed in an unexpected accident, Hamilton is served by conscience to look after the kid of the man who saved his life. Directed by breakout French filmmaker Sarah Leonor, whose work has been compared to Claire Denis and Michael Haneke, and starring Jérémie Renier. In French and Chechen, with English subtitles.

Director: Sarah Leonor
U.S. distributor: Distrib Films
France • 107 minutes • Not Rated

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