The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2013

Synopsis & Film Details

For two nights only, Filmworks presents an exclusive presentation of the year’s Oscar-nominated short films, just weeks before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces its winners. For the eighth straight year, Filmworks continues its tradition of bringing the world’s best short films to the Central Valley. The two evenings will feature five full programs of Academy Award-nominated short movies. A special $15 double-feature ticket is available for any two shorts programs.

Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” – TV’s ageless baby attends the Ayn Rand Daycare Center, where she rescues a lonely caterpillar and rebels against being “average.”
Adam and Dog – A playful dog exploring the world in the first days of Creation makes a profound connection when he comes upon the first man.
Fresh Guacamole – An unseen cook transforms a series of unusual but everyday ingredients into a bowl of guacamole.
Head Over Heels – The emotional distance between a long-married husband and wife results in an unusual living arrangement.
Paperman – A young man working in a mid-century New York City office tries desperately to attract the attention of a girl in the skyscraper across the street.
Note: The animated lineup will also include additional “highly recommended” titles. The program is family friendly.

Death of a Shadow – A World War I soldier attempts to ransom his soul from Death and return to the woman he fell in love with before he died.
Henry – An aging concert pianist undergoes a series of confusing but inevitable experiences as he searches for his missing wife.
Curfew – At the lowest point of his life, a young man gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to babysit his nine-year-old niece.
Buzkashi Boys – Two boys in contemporary Afghanistan – a defiant blacksmith’s son and a charismatic street urchin – dream of winning a brutal game of polo.
Asad – A boy from a war-torn Somali fishing village must decide between a life of piracy or the life of an honest fisherman.

Kings Point – Over the course of a decade, five seniors living in the Kings Point retirement community face loss, illness, and an increasing sense of isolation.
Mondays at Racine – On the third Monday of every month, two sisters open their Long Island beauty salon to women undergoing chemotherapy.
Inocente – A fifteen-year-old, homeless, and undocumented immigrant clings to her determination to become an artist.
Redemption – In New York City, “canners” survive by collecting cans and bottles from trash and recycling bins and redeeming them for money.
Open Heart – Eight Rwandan children with serious heart diseases travel to The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Sudan.

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Discussion Circle
After the animation program each night, join local animator Adriana Castillo to talk about the films. Castillo specializes in art direction, storyboarding, concept art, and graphic design. Moderated by Filmworks board member Byron Russell.