Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Synopsis & Film Details

In the spirit of Halloween, Fresno Filmworks Classics presents “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” at the Tower Theatre. The celebrated 1956 science fiction thriller was produced by Walter Wanger and directed by Don Siegel. The “alien invasion” film tells the story of a small-town doctor whose patients are suffering from the paranoid delusion that their friends and relatives are impostors. The doctor is skeptical at first, but he and his fiancée make a desperate attempt to get out of town once they discover that residents are being replaced one-by-one by emotionless doppelgangers, possessed by an evil presence. Starring Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter, and adapted from a novel by sci-fi author Jack Finney. Advance tickets cost $5 general admission, and they can be purchased by check or cash at the Tower Theatre box office, 815 E. Olive Ave. Tickets and details are available online at