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The warm, muted tones of a family's lives on the inside contrasts with the harsh, bright tones of their lives on the outside in the Swedish drama "Force Majeure." Via Magnolia Pictures.
By Olga Verkhotina 12.19.2014

The Landscape of Swedish Cinema: An Introduction

If you need to visualize the saying “small but mighty,” consider Swedish cinema. According to the Swedish Film Institute, an organization established to support the Scandinavian country’s national cinema, this country of fewer than 10 million people releases 40 to 50 feature-length movies a year. So it seems natural that Sweden also has the most…

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By Fae Giffen 12.8.2014

On letting go, holding on, remembering, and forgetting

What happens to us and what we experience are not always the same thing. The facts of our lives can be added into many different sums. We hold on to some facts. We walk away from others. We struggle to find a theme to place all those kept and discarded facts into. Our own minds…

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