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By Rubén Casas 4.13.2018

Vazante and the Ugly-Beautiful of Brazilian Cinema

Daniela Thomas initially centers Vazante on a man who fails: Antonio (Adriano Carvhalho), a white farmer who can’t make his land grow a thing, support a homestead, or ensure the survival of his wife and child. It’s 1821 in Brazil. Slavery hasn’t been abolished. The world is a gloomy place. If the world is dour,…

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By Jefferson Beavers 3.29.2018

Streaming Surprises, Volume 16

Our “Streaming Surprises” series calls attention to good movies new and old that our board members are watching. Titles are available from various streaming services. “Columbus” (2017) People have been falling in and out of love for a long time now. Film’s keen interests in happily-ever-afters has trained us to recognize the important role music,…

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