Sponsorship Opportunities


We attend as many of Filmworks’ monthly screenings as possible and the annual Fresno Film Festival, not only because we enjoy watching films, but also to support a local organization that provides Fresno an enhanced cultural experience.

Albert Cano, local media research manager for Univision – Fresno, which is a longtime festival sponsor, and also a longtime member with his partner Michael Swain. June 2018.

I love going to Filmworks screenings and meeting other open-minded movie fans of the community. … I’m big into the Fresno Film Festival. I would love to go all day if I could.

Joe Garcia, development director at Valley Public Radio, which is a longtime sponsor. March 2018.

Filmworks is a gem in Fresno. It is a complement to our poetry, literary arts, and music scenes. It’s a cultural offering for people in Fresno who want to get a worldview, and we would be so bereft if we didn’t have it.

Jill Fisher, co-owner and operator of Keith Seaman Photography, and a longtime member and sponsor with her husband, Keith Seaman. January 2018.

The Tower Theatre used to be a place where you could go and watch movies. It was really exciting to have film there again, especially like this in a community-curated way.

Patience Milrod, lawyer and community advocate, and a longtime member and festival sponsor with her husband, Paul E. Pierce. November 2017.

The board is so energetic and active at producing ideas for community outreach; coming up with programs to get the high schools and Fresno State students in.

Stan Poss, one of the 10 founding board members of Filmworks, and a longtime member with his wife, Joan Poss. September 2017.

My son Eric and I wandered into the annual Fresno Film Festival years ago and saw a comedy short. I became a believer in the Filmworks mission and the quality of films presented, and we soon became a sponsor.

John Ostlund, owner and operator of One Putt Broadcasting, which includes longtime sponsors K-Jewel 105.5 FM. August 2017.

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