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Volunteers of the Month: Cleo Bauer and Dominic Papagni

In addition to supporting Filmworks, our December 2013 volunteers of the month Dominic Papagni and Cleo Bauer love to travel.

In addition to supporting Filmworks, our December 2013 volunteers of the month Dominic Papagni and Cleo Bauer love to travel.

December 2013 Volunteers of the Month: Cleo Bauer and Dominic Papagni

Occupations: Cleo is a retired academic adviser with the Fresno State athletic department. Dominic is also a retired educator, working with Fresno Unified as a principal and administrator.

What are some of your hobbies?
“I like reading. I also volunteer at the Holy Cross Center for Women where I teach sewing. For low-income women, they learn to sew and do repairs.”
Dominic: “Besides Filmworks, I like reading, traveling, and day hiking.”

Where, in particular, do you two like to travel?
“We like to travel to the Central Coast in California. We are going to Hawaii in February, and Italy next summer. Particularly Sicily; Dominic has family there on the boot.”

How did you get involved with Filmworks?
“We like the films, and we’ve been going to the events for years.”
Dominic: “Somewhere they asked for volunteers and we got connected.”

What are some of your usual volunteer duties?
“[At Haute Cuisine in December], we took tickets for the first showing.”
Dominic: “I did popcorn and concessions as well.”

What do you like most about Filmworks screenings?
“We try to go every month, and we like to go to the Fresno Film Festival.”
Dominic: “I particularly like to go cause I get tired of the sugar that Hollywood producers put in films. With the films at Filmworks, we get to see some real-life drama and challenge our minds.”

What are your favorite types of films? Any personal favorites?
“I like Meryl Streep films and Robert Redford films, even though I haven’t seen his new one. We like films that don’t have a ending, that are more about developing relationships, that help us think a little more. And I really like the breadth of films: South American, French, Argentinian, etcetera.”
Dominic: “I like the international films, in particular the ones from Mexico and Latin America. It’s a chance for us to experience parts of the world, right here in Fresno.”

What is the best part about attending a Filmworks event?
“There are people who care about their community, and about understanding the diversity of the world. Film is one of those ways to see that.”

Filmworks thanks all of our December 2013 volunteers: Cleo Bauer, Dominic Bedrosian, Leslie Bjerke, Patrick Bourrel (discussant), Catherine Campbell, Nené Casares, Celeste DeMonte, Fae Giffen, Karen Hammer, Linda Hernandez, Neal Howard, Sasha Khokha, Monica Marks-Rhea, Sarah Nixon, Dominic Papagni, Shlomo Pleban, Sara Poss, Andre Provencio, Bill Rovin, Paula Singer, Richard Stone, Sky Sweet, Colby Tibbet (intern).

Past volunteers of the month:
• November 2013 – Kathryn and Carl Johnsen
• October 2013 – Linda Hernandez
• September 2013 – Susan Rogers
• August 2013 – Joan and Brijesh Sharma
• July 2013 – Jon Veinberg
• June 2013 – Richard Stone
• May 2013 – Sarah Nixon
• April 2013 – Alyssa Rendon
• March 2013 – Nené Casares

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