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Volunteer Spotlight: Jol Devitro

Jol Devitro

1. Where do you currently work/what is your occupation?
I just started working for the Fresno County Public Library as a Library Aid. I’m also a blogger for the fantastic FresYes website.

2. Are you from Fresno? Where are you from originally?
I was raised in Fresno and left to attend UC Santa Cruz in 1992. I returned to Fresno just this past summer after 20+ years of rambling around San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles.

3. What are some of your hobbies?
Besides watching films, I like to spend time connecting with nature, mainly via gardening (collecting succulents is a major obsession of mine). I also help put out weird music, writing, and thought forms into the world via The Cubby. It is an art cult that publishes a zine called The Cubby Missalette and releases underground psychedelic tunes through its record label, Cubby Control Records. My band The Cubby Creatures will release a new album this month and I’ve been helping to coordinate its production.

4. How did you first hear about Fresno Filmworks? How long have you been involved?
I first heard about Fresno Filmworks when I was visiting Fresno last spring and happened to see the marquee of the Tower Theatre announcing that month’s offering. I was so happy to see a venue for foreign and independent films in Fresno and so I immediately looked into volunteering. Since the new season began this fall, I’ve been a regular.

5. What’s your favorite film you’ve seen at Filmworks?
So far, I think “Lucky” has been my favorite. It was really poignant to see Harry Dean Stanton meditating on mortality so soon after his death in real life. And David Lynch, as his drinking buddy whose tortoise has gone missing, was the comical icing on the cake. Sweet, funny, quiet but powerful. “Lucky” had a lot of magic.

6. What other types of films do you enjoy?
Anything that surprises me or plays with genre in some unexpected way tends to delight me. Documentaries can also be quite mind-expanding, and I appreciate the opportunity to delve deeply into worlds and situations I might otherwise never get to see or know about. I very much like to be challenged and have my envelope pushed. My favorite films are those that leave an indelible impression and change my way of thinking about the world or life.

7. What’s the best part of VOLUNTEERING?
Supporting, even in a small way, Fresno Filmworks’ mission of bringing great independent and foreign films to Fresno is gratifying in itself. It feels good to be part of an organization that’s helping to enrich Fresno’s cultural landscape and offering “Fresnans” a viable alternative to the multiplex fare. It’s also delightful getting to know Fresno’s colorful cinephile community. And of course, getting to see the films is a wonderful perk.

8. What would you say to others who may be interested in FIlmworks? Why should they come out/get involved?
If you love great and challenging cinema, if you believe in its transformative powers, and if you care about Fresno and want to help foster its emergence as a world-class city, Filmworks is your community! It offers a great opportunity to meet like-minded folks, enjoy quality films, and help raise the bar, culturally speaking, in Fresno. I highly recommend getting involved.

Filmworks thanks our November 2017 volunteers:
Teule Bell, Gloria Burrola, Nené Casares, Raymart Catacutan, Josh Cruzat, Jol Devitro, John Dunning, Andrew Gonzales, Cristian Gonzalez, Judy Haber, Karen Hammer, Rebecca Horwitz, Neal Howard, Francisco Espinoza, Carl Johnsen, Kathryn Johnsen, Julie Linxwiler, Richard Markley, Monica Marks, Peter McDonald, Ann McGowan, Conde McGowan, Stan Morita, Carl Noble, Lucius Noble, Estrella Pinto, Stan Poss, Gene Richards, Roque Rodriguez, Dixie Salazar, Marco Sanchez, Allen Smith, Lorraine Tomerlin, Juan Torres

Filmworks thanks our December 2017 volunteers:
Teule Bell, Nené Casares, Jol Devitro, Linda Hernandez, Neal Howard, Carl Johnsen, Kathryn Johnsen, Monica Marks, Ann McGowan, Conde McGowan, Gene Richards, Roque Rodriguez, Lorraine Tomerlin.

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