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By Jefferson Beavers 1.10.2017

Youth of color come of age and question onscreen

Being 17 can feel like an emotional jumble, as conflicting identities emerge. For youth of color, the added intricacies of race and class can further complicate expressions of gender and sexuality. Filmmaker André Téchiné explores these themes in the 2017 opener for Filmworks, “Being 17,” screening at the Tower Theatre on Jan. 13. Set in…

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By Fae Giffen 1.5.2017

Volunteer of the month: Cassandra Ruby

Get to know our former intern and newest board member, Cassandra Ruby. Where do you currently work? I work in an escape room called Xcape Room Fresno, which is kind of like an hour-long entertainment experience.  You’re locked in a room and you solve puzzles to accomplish the goal of escaping.  You have to find…

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By Fae Giffen 12.27.2016

Best of 2016: Our picks for the films of the year

As 2016 winds to a close, Filmworks has been reflecting on the best of the year.  Here, as our holiday gift to you, are our picks for the best movies we saw last year. Rita Bell “Captain Fantastic” My pick for 2016 is Captain Fantastic about a family that lives “off the grid” in the Oregon…

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By Fae Giffen 12.19.2016

Streaming Surprises – Our picks for the best of streaming movies

  “Victoria” Director Sebastian Schipper and cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grøvlen pull off an extraordinary feat in this German crime thriller and Berlin International Film Festival favorite: It’s a dizzying 138-minute single-take miracle. Actress Laia Costa plays Victoria, a young Spanish transplant in Berlin who falls into a dangerous scenario when she befriends four locals at…

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By Raman Grewal 12.8.2016

Watch, or bake your own – Swede Fest is for everyone!

Cue dream sequence: There are cameras flashing everywhere as the paparazzi are trying to capture your every move. “That’s enough, that’s enough,” you smirk confidently as you walk away. People are dying to get your autograph, but you need to head over to the set of your latest film. You’re a huge movie director with…

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By Jefferson Beavers 11.28.2016

Another Dose of Ricardo Darín at the Tower Theatre

When a U.S. cinephile thinks of Argentine movies, they probably think of Ricardo Darín. The award-winning TV and film star is considered by some to be the George Clooney of Argentina, and he is one of the most recognized Spanish-speaking actors currently at work in Latin America. Darín stars in the next Fresno Filmworks offering,…

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By Fae Giffen 11.21.2016

Streaming Surprises: Our picks for the best of streaming movies.

Filmworks board members and volunteers love movies.  It’s why we do what we do.  When we’re not busy putting together screenings at the Tower Theatre we spend much of our time watching movies at home and now we want to share some of our top picks with you.  This new blog will feature some of…

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By Yvonne Schwemmer 10.31.2016

Volunteer spotlight – Steve Ohanesian

There couldn’t have been a more pleasant way to launch into Fall and to get to know this fascinating, native Fresnan Filmworks volunteer, than to have a morning coffee with Steve Ohanesian – surrounded by the much-loved garden that graces his beautifully restored, Tower District mission-style home – only a brief walk to the historic…

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By Fae Giffen 10.21.2016

Streaming Surprises – Our picks for the best of streaming movies

“Clerks” This classic of the 1990’s independent film movement, launched the directorial career of Kevin Smith. “Clerks” introduced riffs that would become nerd culture classics and start an epic debate on the ethics of Death Star construction. But “Clerks” will be mostly  remembered for asking the timeless question – how many things can go wrong on a…

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By Fae Giffen 10.11.2016

Elevating films: Letting go and letting art change us

Next month Fresno Filmworks will present the 2016 Fresno Film Festival.  Our theme this year is “elevating film”.  At Fresno Filmworks, we believe movies have the power to change the way we look at the world and shift our perspectives.  They rearrange, refocus, and elevate our lives.  Film allows us new viewpoints and at times those…

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By Fae Giffen 9.22.2016

Streaming Surprises – Our picks for the best of streaming movies

  “Dogtown and Z-Boys” This 2001 documentary was truly a labor of love.  Skateboarding legend Stacy Peralta turned the camera on himself and his friends who, as rebellious teens in the 1970s, revolutionized skateboarding in the USA and were largely responsible for the sport’s popular resurgence in the 1980s.  Dogtown and Z-Boys, screened by Fresno…

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Every second Friday of the month, Fresno Filmworks screens first-run independent and international movies at the historic Tower Theatre.