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By Cindy Peters Duzi 10.21.2018

If I Can Festival, So Can You

There are many reasons why film festivals feel so exciting. Fresnans are fortunate, as Filmworks hosts a first-class annual festival, showcasing a wide variety of films at an affordable price. A $50 festival pass to the 14th Annual Fresno Film Festival enables you to see seven feature-length movies and two short films you will not…

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By Jefferson Beavers 10.2.2018

Featured videos: You are Inside the Cat

Our featured videos this month for Madeline’s Madeline tackle the central premise of our Oct. 12 film: You are not the cat; you are inside the cat. In collaboration with the Fresno City College Dance Department, we got together with eight students from instructor Cristal Tiscareno’s Dance 20B contemporary dance class, watched the film’s trailer…

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By Rachael Stubbert 9.23.2018

A Meditation on ‘Madeline’ and Movie Mentors

October’s featured Filmworks movie, “Madeline’s Madeline,” explores the role of the mentor through the relationship between Evangeline, the director of a physical theatre troupe, and Madeline, the newest member of the troupe who quickly becomes her protégé. Evangeline’s interest piques as she learns of Madeline’s traumatic past fueled by a strained relationship with her mother,…

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By Cindy Peters Duzi 9.9.2018

Ensemble Casts Do More Than Support

In recent years, the argument has been made that the Academy should include an Oscar category for Best Ensemble Cast. The Screen Actors Guild gives an award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast, and why not? Consider the many films you have seen where a major star’s performance garners raves as well as an Oscar…

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By Rachael Stubbert 9.6.2018

‘Support the Girls’ Modernizes the Service Comedy

September’s featured Filmworks movie, “Support the Girls,” challenges some of the traditional hallmarks of a typical comedy about the service industry. Director Andrew Bujalski focuses on the seemingly unexceptional life of a restaurant manager and her misfit ensemble of waitresses, who face the trials of women working in service jobs. Like films that have come…

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By Jefferson Beavers 8.19.2018

I Heart Film: Joshua Tehee

I Heart Film: Joshua Tehee What is your role at The Fresno Bee? I am officially a reporter on the breaking news team, but I have worked for a long time (and still do) covering arts, entertainment, and pop culture, with a particular interest in music. How did you first hear about Fresno Filmworks? It…

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By Jefferson Beavers 7.14.2018

Volunteer Spotlight: Joy Quigley

July 2018 volunteer in the spotlight: Joy Quigley Occupation: Joy works in freelance film and video production. What else do you do outside of work? I consider the work that I do fun. I take a lot of photos and experiment with them. I also love to cook. I have made Thanksgiving dinners for 20+…

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By Carlos E. Rincón 6.18.2018

I Heart Film: Albert Cano and Michael Swain

Where are you both from, and what do you do professionally here in Fresno? Albert: I was born in Fresno but grew up in Kerman. I’m the Local Media Research Manager at Univision Communications for the Fresno and Sacramento markets. Michael: I was born in San Francisco, and I moved to Fresno when I was…

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By Justus Bier Stanberry 5.11.2018

Humble Beginnings: Celebrated Films that Began as Shorts

Before Oh Lucy was a feature film, by writer and director Atsuko Hirayanagi, it was a short film that was her thesis project at NYU. Before that, it was just one of many one-sentence plot descriptions she had to write for another class project. The short film was a Short Film Jury Prize winner at…

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By Justus Bier Stanberry 4.27.2018

Streaming Surprises, Volume 17

Our “Streaming Surprises” series calls attention to good movies new and old. Titles are available from various streaming services. “Poorna” (2017) “Poorna” is based on the true story of a courageous and determined thirteen-year old girl from a tribal region of India. Poorna, an Adivasi (indigenous) becomes the youngest girl in history to climb Mount…

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By Rubén Casas 4.13.2018

Vazante and the Ugly-Beautiful of Brazilian Cinema

Daniela Thomas initially centers Vazante on a man who fails: Antonio (Adriano Carvhalho), a white farmer who can’t make his land grow a thing, support a homestead, or ensure the survival of his wife and child. It’s 1821 in Brazil. Slavery hasn’t been abolished. The world is a gloomy place. If the world is dour,…

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By Jefferson Beavers 3.29.2018

Streaming Surprises, Volume 16

Our “Streaming Surprises” series calls attention to good movies new and old that our board members are watching. Titles are available from various streaming services. “Columbus” (2017) People have been falling in and out of love for a long time now. Film’s keen interests in happily-ever-afters has trained us to recognize the important role music,…

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By Carlos E. Rincón 3.23.2018

I Heart Film: Joe Garcia

What is your role at Valley Public Radio (VPR)? I am the Development Director for VPR. I help VPR support and give exposure to organizations that we consider are doing good things in the community that wouldn’t be done if it weren’t for them. Fresno Filmworks fits that perfectly by presenting movies that are not…

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Every second Friday of the month, Fresno Filmworks screens first-run independent and international movies at the historic Tower Theatre.