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By Fae Giffen 10.6.2014

3 Hollywood Halloween films that won’t die

“The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out.” Happy Halloween, everybody! It’s time to tap your inner strange and become someone else for a night (or a whole month). Are you secretly a pixie, goblin, or ghost? Your time has come. We are fast approaching the one night of the year when you can shed…

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By Fae Giffen 10.2.2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Colby Tibbet

September 2014 Volunteer in the Spotlight: Colby Tibbet. Occupation: “I’m a student and a freelance journalist. I’ll be graduating from Fresno State this year with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. I’m also very involved in the indie music scene in Fresno.” How did you become involved with Filmworks? “I already knew the president,…

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By Rebecca Horwitz 9.24.2014

Meet Aubrey Plaza, a deadpan delight

Interviews with comic actress Aubrey Plaza — one of the young stars of our Oct. 10 movie, “Life After Beth” — are gold. She’s extremely deadpan. Some of her best interviews have come from appearances with late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien, but there are also many other examples of awkwardly awesome public conversations that…

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By Analise Villalobos 9.19.2014

Featured video: Keep an eye on your zombie

Our featured video this month, inspired by the zombie rom-com “Life After Beth,” introduces us to a young man who can’t seem to get a moment’s peace while keeping an eye on his undead girlfriend. The video, directed by our former intern Analise Villalobos, is now airing on our YouTube channel. Analise Villalobos studies Mass…

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By Rebecca Horwitz 9.17.2014

Good Films: Superheroes

Our occasional “Good Films You May Have Missed” series calls attention to movies new and old. Titles are available from Netflix and other streaming services, and you can also find them at your good old-fashioned public library. As another summer full of superhero movies comes to a close, here are five of our summer intern’s…

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By Fae Giffen 9.8.2014

Films find funny family fodder in weddings, funerals

Family reunions are a natural incubator of drama. Bringing together relatives for graduations, anniversaries, births, funerals, and weddings is a natural fit for filmmakers looking to explore the ways that our families and hometowns continue to shape us long after we think we’ve put childish things away. The natural pressure cooker of affection, resentment, insecurity,…

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By Rebecca Horwitz 9.2.2014

Featured video: Meet the whole family

Our featured video this month for the multicultural romantic comedy “May in the Summer” introduces us to the movie’s protagonist, May, and each of the characters in her tough-to-please family on the eve of May’s big wedding. May is played by the film’s director and star, Cherien Dabis, who will make a special appearance with…

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By Rebecca Horwitz 8.26.2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Monica Marks-Rea

August 2014 Volunteer Spotlight: Monica Marks-Rea Occupation: Monica likes to volunteer. “I do various volunteer jobs. I work with Filmworks, the Warnors Theatre and the revitalization of downtown.” What kinds of things do you do for the downtown revitalization work? “I’ve only been to one of their events so far. It was a meeting right…

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By Rebecca Horwitz 8.19.2014

Meet Cherien Dabis, a triple-threat filmmaker

Palestinian American filmmaker Cherien Dabis not only stars in our Sept. 12 film “May In The Summer,” but she wrote and directed the multicultural romantic comedy too! Dabis earned her MFA in Film from Columbia University and was first known for her work as a writer and co-producer for Showtime’s “The L Word.” With the…

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By Jefferson Beavers 8.12.2014

Intern spotlight: Rebecca Horwitz

Summer 2014 intern: Rebecca Horwitz Where did you go to school and what did you study? “I went to UC San Diego. I majored in theater and I minored in earth science.” Where does your interest in film come from? “I went through a film production class in high school and I liked writing the…

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By Rebecca Horwitz 7.31.2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Julie Linxwiler

July 2014 Volunteer Spotlight: Julie Linxwiler Occupation: Julie is a retired teacher and urban planner. “I used to be a Spanish teacher at Edison Computech Middle School. I had a great professional life and I’m happily retired now.” What kind of work did you do as an urban planner? “The most extreme piece of work…

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By Rebecca Horwitz 7.30.2014

Featured video: Thumbs up

Our featured video this month for the documentary “Life Itself” introduces us to a handful of Tower District faithful who are clearly influenced by the popular “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” ratings system created by movie critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. The video is now airing on CMAC TV and on our YouTube channel. Rebecca Horwitz…

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