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By Yvonne Schwemmer 8.26.2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Raman (Ramandeep) Grewal

  Volunteer Spotlight: Raman (Pradeep) Grewal Meet Raman, a gifted and creative addition to the ranks of our Fresno Filmworks volunteers. Raman joins us as a blog contributor and debuts with her first newsletter as Filmworks returns from summer break. You can read her insights on Hany Abu-Assad, the director of “The Idol”, our first…

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The Idol
By Raman Grewal 8.22.2016

A Look at the films of Hany Abu-Assad

After leaving his career as an engineer, Hany Abu-Assad entered the world of Palestinian cinema in the 1990s with his directorial debut “Paper House“. Following its success, films such as “Paradise Now”, “Omar”, and “The Idol”  further put Abu-Assad on an international platform and have acquired him much acclaim. His films often focus on issues of…

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Rumble Fish via IMDB
By Fae Giffen 8.11.2016

Streaming Surprises: Our picks for the best of streaming movies

Filmworks Board members and volunteers love movies.  It’s why we do what we do.  When we’re not busy putting together screenings at the Tower Theatre we spend much of our time watching movies at home and now we want to share some of our top picks with you.  This new blog will feature some of…

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By Fae Giffen 6.24.2016

Streaming Surprises – Our picks for the best of streaming movies

    Filmworks board members and volunteers love movies.  It’s why we do what we do.  When we’re not busy putting together screenings at the Tower Theatre we spend much of our time watching movies at home and now we want to share some of our top picks with you.  This new blog will feature…

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By Megan Ginise 5.22.2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Hazel Antaramian-Hofman

April 2016 Volunteer in the Spotlight: Hazel Antaramian-Hofman Hazel is a talented woman — a professor, an artist, a scientist, an ethnographic researcher and scholar, a designer. She has two sons, two master’s degrees, and a life back and forth from Los Angeles to Fresno. Occupation: Hazel works as an adjunct art instructor at Fresno…

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In “City of Gold,” Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold goes incognito to serve as the true judge of the best culinary treats of Los Angeles. Via IFC Films.
By Megan Ginise 4.26.2016

A World of Imagination in the Food Films We Love

More than just a taste, food can be a visual splendor — from a luscious river of chocolate to a brightly adorned taco truck.  It can be one man’s dream or a rat proclaiming universality. Anyone, really, if they try hard enough, can cook. Ahead of the May 13 Filmworks screening of “City of Gold,” let’s take a…

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The Academy would like to congratulate volunteers Conde and Ann McGowan on their good work for Filmworks.
By Megan Ginise 4.18.2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Ann and Conde McGowan

March 2016 Volunteers in the Spotlight: Ann and Conde McGowan Ann and Conde have lived in Fresno for 38 years. They met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and moved around the Midwest for several years before finally settling down in Fresno after the birth of their daughter. Conde’s brother started a printing business in Fresno called Automated…

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Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke on the set of “Mountains May Depart.” Via Kino Lorber.
By Megan Ginise 3.31.2016

A Changing China: An Introduction to Jia Zhang-ke

Chinese master filmmaker Jia Zhang-ke knows how to push boundaries, and has been doing so since the beginning of his directing career in the mid-1990s. NPR critic John Powers once described him as “the most important filmmaker working in the world today.” Jia has introspected, dissected, analyzed, and looked deeply at the world — his…

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The Academy would like to thank aspiring filmmaker Andy Julian for his volunteer time with Fresno Filmworks.
By Megan Ginise 3.22.2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Andy Julian

February 2016 Volunteer in the Spotlight: Andy Julian At age 24, Andy is a one-of-a-kind Renaissance Man — although he wouldn’t call himself that because he doesn’t like drawing attention to himself or his accomplishments. Andy moved to Fresno from Palo Alto in 2004. He’s an artist, a musician, and an aspiring filmmaker, and he…

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The Romanian new wave takes on life and death with dark humor in "California Dreamin'" Photo via
By Fae Giffen 3.8.2016

Romanian film: A new wave

This Friday, Fresno Filmworks is pleased to present the Romanian comedy “The Treasure”. Acclaimed director Corneliu Porumboiu brings this hunt for buried treasure alive with the trademark bite and humor that has gained him international acclaim as one of Romanian film’s brightest stars. Romanian cinema has a long and rich history beginning in the early…

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There’s a sense of childish mystery in “The Treasure” from IFC Films.
By Megan Ginise 3.2.2016

In Search of Cinematic Treasure

Treasure-hunting movies have abounded since the dawn of cinema, as old as the first scenes of pirates and with many swashbuckling scenes filled with anger and bad accents. Before we went searching for ancient masonic treasure hidden in national landmarks in Nicolas Cage’s awful franchise — never mind toward which side of the Disney spectrum you…

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When our latest volunteer in the spotlight, Suzanne Watkins, isn’t making popcorn for Filmworks, she teaches art and design.
By Megan Ginise 2.3.2016

January 2016 volunteer in the spotlight: Suzanne Watkins

Suzanne still doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up. She has learned to appreciate film for its ability to educate, evoke, and move. She lived briefly in Fresno in the 1970s before moving to Hawaii, but now she’s back, planting a new garden and learning to bloom again here in Fresno…

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Short films such as the Oscar-winning “Paperman” show Disney Animation Studios as a leader in making emotion-filled shorts. Via Walt Disney.
By Olga Verkhotina 1.26.2016

Disney shorts share complexity and realism

The simple world of a short film can be dense with symbols and overwhelming emotions. Quickly digging deep into a story, it seems, wouldn’t leave enough room to capture life’s complexity on screen. Yet the world of Disney animated short films manages to do just that. The characters of the recent Walt Disney Animation Studios Short…

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Every second Friday of the month, Fresno Filmworks screens first-run independent and international movies at the historic Tower Theatre.