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Our latest volunteer in the spotlight, Kristin Torres, is a writer, a linguist, a film connoisseur, and an up-and-coming jet-setter.
By Megan Ginise 4.21.2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Kristin Torres

April 2015 volunteer in the spotlight: Kristin Torres Occupation: Kristin currently works as a hostess at The Daily Grill and is on her way to graduate school in the fall at the University of Missouri, where she will pursue a master’s degree in Russian Studies. She first studied Russian language and literature as an undergraduate,…

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The behind-the-scenes story of "The Wrecking Crew" isn't the only behind-the-scenes music documentary that Filmworks has presented. Via Magnolia Pictures.
By Megan Ginise 4.15.2015

The Power of Music (Documentaries)

  Looking ahead to the May 8th Fresno Filmworks screening of one of the greatest underdog stories in music history, the story of “The Wrecking Crew” and the popular hits that defined a generation, let’s take a look back at some of Filmworks’ other music documentary selections, movies that have inspired us, awoken us, and transformed…

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The Purple Rose of Cairo via Cinapse
By Fae Giffen 4.7.2015

Meta at the Movies: Experiencing the Movies that Experience the Movies

  The experience of watching a movie can be so powerful that we sometimes need another movie to help us process it. This month Fresno Filmworks screens just such a film about the desire to live a movie.  “Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter” tells the story of a Japanese woman who is so profoundly captivated by the Joel…

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By Megan Ginise 3.30.2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Hammer

March 2015 volunteer in the spotlight: Karen Hammer Occupation: Karen teaches Spanish for the local community college district. She works at the Clovis Community College Center, and the New Jersey native has been a Spanish teacher for 25 years–16 of which she has spent in the Fresno area. Although she is not Latina, Karen’s friends…

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David and Nathan Zellner Via
By Megan Ginise 3.17.2015

The Zellner Brothers: An Introduction to their Riveting Brand of Strange

Inspired by the Fresno Filmworks up coming April 10th screening of “Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter“, I set out to research the Austin-based filmmakers David and Nathan Zellner. Maybe for the first time, I now have a better understanding of what truly independent filmmaking looks like. David Zellner will make a trip to Fresno to visit…

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Marlon Brando as the modern American worker. Via Criterion Collection
By Fae Giffen 3.10.2015

Classic Cinema of the American Worker

This month Fresno Filmworks is proud to present “Two Days, One Night”. This award winning film starring international sensation Marion Cotillard, follows a young woman as she struggles to save her job by connecting to her fellow workers. “Two Days, One Night” examines how our work defines us and gives us a sense of community…

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The Academy would like to congratulate Andrew Veihmeyer on his volunteer achievements with Filmworks.
By Megan Ginise 3.4.2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Veihmeyer

  February 2015 volunteer in the spotlight: Andrew Veihmeyer. Occupation: A native of Santa Maria on the Central Coast, Andrew graduated from Fresno State in 2012 with a degree in Communication. Since then, he has worked as a marketing intern for several local businesses and nonprofit groups, including Sebastian and the West African Vocational Schools.…

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Belgian filmmaking duo Jean-Pierre Dardenne, left, and his brother Luc Dardenne. Via The Washington Post.
By Jefferson Beavers 2.24.2015

Dardenne Brothers Work to Make Workers Real

American audiences might be familiar with Marion Cotillard, the Oscar-nominated star of the March 13 Filmworks movie “Two Days, One Night.” But the acclaimed labor drama might be their introduction to the Belgian filmmaking duo of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, there are only seven filmmakers who have twice…

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By Megan Ginise 2.17.2015

On Marion Cotillard, an International Star

From La Môme Marion (the kid Marion) to the little sparrow, Marion Cotillard has mesmerized audiences across the globe as one of the most prolific french actresses of the 21st century. From her American debut and breakthrough performance as Edith Piaf in “La Vie En Rose” to her stunning portrayal as a paraplegic orca trainer…

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What do these two directors have in common?  They both started in short films.
By Fae Giffen 2.10.2015

Good Things in Small Packages

  This Thursday and Friday, Fresno Filmworks is proud to be presenting The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2015. For 10 years, Filmworks has screened the best of short films and we are pleased to be continuing a decade of bringing some of the most inventive, original, and touching voices in cinema to Fresno. Short films are…

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FFW_IHeartFilm_V3 3.5 dia round Proof 1
By Jefferson Beavers 2.3.2015

Audio Postcard: Why do you love film?

To travel to another place. To merge multiple forms of expression. To expand your imagination and learn about diverse lives. To simply enjoy visual art. At our monthly screening this past November, we posed a simple question to our fans: Why do you love film? In this audio postcard, we hear the results. Filmworks hopes…

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Volunteer Dominic Bedrossian studies winemaking at Fresno State, and he recently helped our board members choose the local wines we are currently serving at the bar.
By Megan Ginise 1.27.2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Dominic Bedrossian

January 2015 volunteer in the spotlight: Dominic Bedrossian Occupation: Dominic works three jobs throughout the year while studying winemaking full-time at Fresno State, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in enology. He works as a substitute instructional aide in special education for Clovis Unified School District, he works security for Fresno State…

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The boy in "La Luna" may contain a piece of us all. Via Pixar.
By Megan Ginise 1.20.2015

Seeing the World Through Animated Eyes

Short films may not be as small as you think. From Marvel studios to Pixar productions, short films can be a powerhouse tool for creating meaningful experiences expressed within a [short] time frame–everything you need from live action, documentary, and animated stories. There’s a little bit of little in all of us, and short films…

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Every second Friday of the month, Fresno Filmworks screens first-run independent and international movies at the historic Tower Theatre.